Druid Tarot Spiritual Readings

The Druid tarot cards hold a sacred space that connects us with the ancient wisdom of the natural world and the divine power that flows through it. We are all interconnected. The rhythms of the earth/ nature and the human body join together by interconnecting the two vibrational forces.

What is nagging at you or going over and over again
in your head with no results?

  • If you can not sleep.
  • Have anxiety.
  • Going through a major change.
  • Need help receiving answers.
  • Struggling
  • Anger issues.
  • Addiction
  • Like to increase joy in your life.
  • Need to resolve an issue.
  • Feel alone.
  • Relationship issues.
  • Work issues.
  • Family dynamics.
  • Need a change.

Paula works with this vibration of the universe that comes through from the harmonic forces and frequencies of the universe. Using the Druid tarot cards enables Paula to feel and sense the vibration of these frequencies from the client receiving the reading. The connection is deep between Paula, the client, and the cards.  No two readings are ever the same.

Paula’s intuitive approach to spiritual guidance comes from a broader interpretation exploring with the client a deeper connection between spirituality, nature, and self-awareness. Let the Druid tarot speak for itself. Every interpretation of the cards has a different meaning for each individual. Paula calls this the magic of a miracle that arrives from the awareness the client receives.  One of Paula’s gifts through the vibration is a sense of the need for compassion and understanding of the client.  Paula works in the present moment. She understands what the client is going through. The change in perception the client feels from the understanding that they are understood, is a lifting of weight of the negative energies that allows them to see more clearly from a higher perspective (higher frequency). We call this an opening of a blockage from the subconscious  to a  higher awareness

 (Higher Consciousness)

Paula believes life is a journey and an adventure. We are here to help each other. We are here to enjoy our time on earth. We are not here to settle for less. Many people sacrifice…. Why? Joy and happiness are in order. 

The hardest thing we need to heal is right in front of us. Paula will help you see what you need to see with compassion and grace. Her kind loving ways with devotion and passion for others will come through her. Her readings. come from her heart and has a sense of deep concern and passion to help others.  There are so many roads to heal your soul.

Let’s explore together. Let the magic come in for you!

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