Well, as you can see if you clicked on here recently, it has been almost a year since the last blog. Even after, again, saying that I wanted to keep at it. What has happened? I used to update/write regularly. Covid happened and my creative juices seemed to grow less strong as the days passed by. It wasn’t that I hadn’t thought of writing something all of the time. It was hard to find the energy or even a subject. Don’t get me wrong, I have had all kinds of ideas but most of them, I put out of my head. Some would have been political and who needs more of that? The news and the things happening in our country and the world is truly exhausting. There isn’t a more subject guaranteed to start some big fires, arguments, controversy. Who needs that from here? Not me.

Personally, sure there is a lot that has happened in my life. Much of it goes unwritten about because I respect others in my life and never write about anyone without their permission. Besides, who wants to hear all about that?

I wonder sometimes why I thought/think I could even write. What makes me think I have that ability or even have anything to say that you or any reader would want to read? What makes me think I have that ability to make your care of move you in any way. I read or listen to others and think, wow, they are really profound, or talented and I feel less so.

It is almost renewal time and that is why I am pondering. Looking for some input as to whether I should look for that writing gene inside again and keep doing this. Or is it time to give it up? Has there been any blogs that you enjoyed or made a difference in your life or helped in any way?

Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think!!