Well?  It is a blog of random thoughts, but I have used that title enough, I had to pick something else…..so, it is a brain dump kind of blog!

First…Happy Birthday #32 to this guy…

What an adventure those 32 years have been.  Joy, heartache, tears, laughter…so many proud moments.  If you have followed me here at all, you have read about Jamie.  If you haven’t yet, go ahead and search the blogs for our story.  I was thinking this morning that I never did write that book about ‘Raising Jamie’.  I am not sure why, even though he gave me permission. Do I feel I won’t remember enough?  Maybe there isn’t that much of a story that is any different?  (Trust me though, there is.) . Would anyone even care enough to read it?  Maybe I need to revisit it. Need to ponder that.

So. Next I was thinking about how I always want to write, but most of the time don’t anymore.  It is kind of obvious if you look at the dates of my blogs the last couple of years.  There have been subjects I could write about, but don’t because they are so personal that people in the story, would know and others would know it was about them. How do the professional writers do it?  I also look at the title of this blog and it stops me simply because the last few years, for many of us have been anything BUT ‘livinglifejoyfully.’  WHY did I name this blog that anyhow?  It is just too cheesy and the play on words.  UGH!  Anyone who knows me knows how much I dislike that.  I have overtaxed this old brain trying to figure out a new name.  So far nothing.  Isn’t it a wonder that I even came up with names for my children?!

Did you know I am now a “Fitness Fanatic”?!  Now there is something I thought I would never say or write.  I have never kept at any exercise or fitness workout consistently…..EVER! So Nintendo came out with a game for the Switch called ‘Ring Fit Adventure” .  When I hit day 50 I became a ‘Fitness Fanatic”.  So they said so!  Seriously, though I do this every day from 30 minutes to an hour!  At my age!  Who would have imagined.  I love it and it works everything.  You know those horrid old lady bat wings we old ladies get?  They have gone down a lot.  Didn’t know I could still have muscle! I am not a fan of the aging stuff, but I have vowed to try to get and stay healthy!

Last year was travel-less too.  Traveling to Des Moines for the hubby’s heart surgery doesn’t count.  Oh yeah, after that second stroke, he had to have the hole in his heart fixed. Fingers crossed this is a good and healthy year for all!  I have missed this so so much….

I think I need at least 2-3 trips out there this year to make up for it!  I can tell I never went out there.  I feel restless.  The soul needs some recharging!

Anyhow, there is a lot more going around in the old brain but maybe I should save it for another day.  I know as soon as I hit publish that I will remember all the stuff I wanted to say but forgot when I sat down to write.

If you have any ideas for a new blog name, holler! I can’t think of anything….and it needs to be changed!