So, I am a fan of the Great British Baking Show like many are.  How many of you watch and wish you could bake some of the stuff? I know I do.  So I was thrilled to see a cookbook released with recipes from the show.  Even better, the measurements have been changed so we don’t have to convert.


So the first recipe is for a Victoria Sponge Cake.  It always looks good and easy on the show, right?  I figured this could end up going good.  Or being an episode of Nailed It!  Read on to see…

This is how it is supposed to look. IMG_8076

So, here in pictures is my attempt….

Yeah, that batter didn’t look like cake batter, but like cookie batter.  I followed the directions exactly.

While baking… was definitely coffee break time!

So they didn’t look much like cake.  They smelled more like shortbread.  And just like the show sometimes when things don’t go well, one cracked.

So the jelly went on okay and the buttercream was too think to spread on top, so I turned over the top one and put it on the bottom of that layer. Turned it over, set it on top, dusted with powdered sugar.

So what do you think?


Yeah….No star baker for me this week!  lol


Maybe next time!

(Bet it still tastes good.)