This is the title of a book I just got done reading by Denise J Hughes and Cheri Gregory. It is “A Guide for Highly Sensitive Persons and Those Who Love Them”.

Sensitive.  Describes me. Always.  It is who I have been my whole life. Yes, WHO, not WHAT.  If there was one word in all of the world of words to describe me and how I have always been it is Sensitive.  Strong?  Well, maybe.  At times, life made that a necessity and people have described me strong many times.  What you might not know, is even when I seemed strong, most likely I was falling apart.  And while I may not have shown it in public or to others, most times at home, in my safe place, strong was the last thing I felt and falling apart, was most likely what I was doing.

I often wondered WHY I had to be this way.  I probably cry at some point every single day.  It might be just a touching video or story.  It could be a tv show, movie, or even a commercial.  It could be something made me happy.  Or sad.  Or mad.  You name the emotion, it probably made me cry.  I remember at one desk job, the boss laying into me for taking a break.  Honestly.  It was break time and I just walked out for 10 minutes.  The way he was made me cry and that made me feel ridiculous.  I didn’t want to react that way.  But I always do.  I think now some people have become ‘immune’ to it.  Expect it? Just because it happens so much, doesn’t lesson the meaning.

I am not a risk taker.  I tend to feel other’s pain.  I can’t watch violence. I can’t even look on tv when that funny video show shows people falling and getting hurt.  I feel it too, my nerve endings often are screaming!

I was always quiet, observing, described as shy. Certain sounds can make me crazy.  The WORST is when you fold a piece of paper and run your fingers along the fold.  UGH…just talking about it makes me cringe.  I was at a conference once and the speaker did this…continuously and I could hardly sit still.  I focused on that dreaded piece of paper and her fingers running across that fold.  To this day, I don’t remember what the conference was about, but I do remember that horrible piece of paper!

I can’t tell you how many times I have been told not to be so sensitive, not to cry. From childhood- Quit crying or I am going to give you something to cry about. Sigh.  No wonder for so long I felt it was a weakness. It wasn’t until recent years that I have begun to feel differently.  Being sensitive is my strength.  I am proud of who I am. I like being this way. I just have to learn what to do when feeling overwhelmed or bombarded or just too much of the feeling of things.  I have been told often I need to go and sit in the ‘green’.  The trees.  I find my favorite places are anywhere in nature.  I live in the country and get to be surrounded by green and trees and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I adore trips to water and most of all cabins in the mountains.  I need it to calm my soul, to recharge.



You can embrace the very things that make you unique and come to see yourself as sensitive and strong.

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There is so much of this book that I resonated with.  I could go on and on but then what would be left for you to read about?

I highly recommend if you are an Empathic, Sensitive STRONG person, pick up this book.  You will learn so much. One-you are not alone.  There are a lot of us out here.  You will learn how to handle situations that can affect us more. You will learn all about your GIFT and how to share it with others!

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