October- The ‘Pink’ Month-Why I Won’t Be Wearing or Buying Pink This Month

October is here again. Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Ugh.  This month always makes me frustrated.  It finds me screaming at the tv or sighing when I see the ‘no makeup’ or ‘no bra’ posts or ‘save the ta-tas’ for awareness.

I will not wear pink.  I dislike the color for starters, but it seems to have evolved into a huge money grab for the month of October. (Obviously, I carry my ‘awareness’ with me every day like I have for the last 17 years.  It has not been a great reminder because of my not so great reconstruction. ) If you are one that wants to buy the pink products, please don’t do it just because they say it is for awareness or they will donate to the cause.  Do your research.  But think about this….if you really want to make a difference, why not donate locally?  Why not donate a life saving mammogram to someone who cannot afford it?  How about taking dinner to someone who is fighting now?

There are  so many things that you can do instead of just buying pink. Give to a family affected by cancer. Just don’t buy into the pink money grab that October has become. Don’t think it is about ‘saving the tatas’…..Remember that there are those of us that have lost those in order to save our lives…and there are those that have lost their lives to this disease. Maybe our ‘awareness’ should be telling our stories and those of the people who no longer can……

This is Breast Cancer Awareness…



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