This is something I have been thinking about the last few weeks.  It was brought up at lunch not long ago while talking about all the stuff we were all going through at the time along with what we all have gone through in the past.

What if you could have seen your future. What if you had been warned about everything that would happen in your life.  Would you have changed your choices?  It was brought up first talking about spouses’ sicknesses.  Would we want to know ahead of time what we were in for?  Would you still choose them knowing what you might be going through?  Does the difficult times negate the good ones?

I got to thinking about it and my thoughts quickly expanded beyond the sickness of spouses.  What about cheating? What about if they just decided marriage wasn’t for them? What if they just treated you like crap?  Would you still choose them?  Think about it in the context of your children.  They would not be who they are today if you hadn’t chose the one you did.  Would you even have kids?  What would they be like then?  How different would it be?  Would my mom still have chose my dad knowing that ten years into the marriage she would lose him and be left with 4 kids ages 10, 8, 4 and 9 months? I have friends who have lost their partners early through horrible diseases, by accidents.  They had to watch their suffering, then lose them.  Would they still have chose the same life?

For those who have children that have diseases, disabilities, difficult lives or those that have lost them, would you chose the same life again?

My life, as many know, has been anything but easy.  Many of the questions I asked about above, I have gone through.  Would I have chosen to lose my dad? To have cancer?  A child with a disability?  A spouse who has gone through health crises of his own ? Would I have made the same choices?  Would he?

I am not sure that is truly a question that could be answered.  There is so much good that far outweighs the bad.  Would I be willing to take the chance that I wouldn’t have the good/great family and experiences I have had along with all the bad/difficult ones?

No, I don’t think I would.  Hey, that was an easy question to answer after all!