How have you all been?  I have thought of you and this place a LOT in the last year or two.  I had always intended to keep blogging and make it bigger and all that, you know.  Good intentions.  Blah blah blah.  But honestly, THE election happened and I lost a lot of my creative juices.  I am not going to get political at all here, but I know many will understand.  I still struggle with the world we have to live in right now, and deal with that stress, but I got to get back to some of me, somehow.

I was just sitting outside on this gorgeous summer day and something moved me to open this up and randomly talk to you guys again!

First, I never ever get tired of the scenery out here…how could you? Day

or night


Life has not been easy for sure, but for most of us that is the case.  It seems just how life is, after all. I am just grateful for it!  I try to enjoy what I can.  My daughter and I went to Colorado a couple months ago for a girl’s trip. It is my home away from home. If I didn’t live here, I would so go there.  It is in my heart.  Not just the gorgeous state, but I have so many people I love that live there.  Getting to see them, hug them and spend time with them is always so special to me.

I am always reminded when I go there that life is good but can also be painful.  I will forever miss my brother.  When I am there I feel both his presence and his absence.

One of these days I will tell you the stories of the cats that have shown up here and that we have rescued. I was going to tell you about the one that got to stay and live with us, but I am going to save it, maybe until next time. See, I have a subject for another blog already! Yeah me!

Probably could talk about being old…older….whatever this is, I am.  Sitting here, I feel the same as I ever have….just have to avoid the mirror.  And pictures.  And Facetime!  Hey, another blog idea.  I am on a roll!

So I think I will leave it at that for today.  I will say…this feels good.  I have missed it.  Might be a little rusty, but hope I can remedy that. I have said it before.  I have meant it. Sometimes life just happens and gets in the way.

Until next time…I truly hope you are finding Joy in each and every day!