What Happened To This Blogging Thing?

I wonder that often. I sit sometimes, thinking I should write, wondering why I haven’t. Wondering if I even can anymore. I am not sure what happened. I know the political climate of the last year plus took a lot out of me. I am not going to talk about politics here, just mentioning that I know it has made a big difference. We didn’t even travel last year. I really missed our Colorado trip. I can tell I didn’t get a chance to recharge my inner batteries. Other things went on. It was such an off year in so many ways.  2017 was a year that I would almost like to forget.

Well, except for one very special event. My youngest son got married!  I am now a mother in law.  I kinda love that!


So here we are at 2018.  I am hopeful. I think. What is going on in my year this year. My second oldest turned 30! I now have two kids in their thirties. How is that possible? Maybe because I will turn the big 6-0 this year. You do not know how hard that was to actually put down here. It is hard to wrap my little old mind around that one!  I feel no different that when I was younger.  At least in my mind. And in my heart.  It amazes me that at this age, the same things can make me sad, mad, hurt my feelings. How has that not changed by now? I think that surprises me more than even being this age!

I know, like each year, there will probably be sadness, loss, the hard stuff that happens because of life.

I am going to take those trips this year, try again, not to worry so much about stuff.  I want to try to not let things hurt so easily, try not to stress so much. I am going to try to remember my own mantra….”Find your joy in each and every day.”

I am also going to try to come back here to write more about stuff…life stuff, traveling stuff, foodie stuff….fingers crossed.



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