Can you guess by the title what this could be about? If you think it is about the effect of the emotional climate of this country and social media for the last couple of years and mostly the last one, you would be right.

I always thought and said I would not write about politics here and I am still not really. I think writing about politics has been done over and over and much better by others. What I can and want to write about is how the difference of opinions and how sharing and sure, over-sharing has done to me and my life.

For example, Facebook used to be a kind of fun place where you shared about family and with family and friends about what was going on in your life and where you might share things that you found funny, touching or important.  Things changed a lot with the politics and the huge divisions of the last presidential election and the months since. I know I am very passionate about my beliefs and I was sharing a lot. I am pretty sure some family and friends already had unfollowed me but that sharing increased that number much more. I know it shouldn’t matter, but it does.  If anyone knows anything about me, you probably know how I have always worn my heart on my sleeve and take pretty much everything people say or do to heart. Hey, I can’t even watch commercials without crying!

I have watched family and friends always commenting and posting on everyone else’s posts. I won’t lie, it can hurt.  I have had a few that stayed around along with a few friends. I appreciate that, am grateful for it. I actually had some friends unfriend me, too.  I guess I don’t understand why something like politics can make that all happen when there is so much to a person than there political beliefs.  Does it say more about them than me? Maybe, still, the sting is there. I was really taken aback when someone told me they unfollowed me and we even have the same political beliefs. Ouch.

I stopped sharing all the political stuff a long time ago. It is only once in awhile now that I do. I figure we are all bombarded so much and does it really do any good? Maybe. Maybe not. Sure there is still stuff I might believe in so much I share. But guess what. You can disagree and still be my friend and family. I don’t have to agree with you or you with me to still like you, love you or have you in my life.