Hello to all!  It has been awhile!  I took a creative vacation for a few months.  It wasn’t intentional, at all, but that creative gene I have decided to take an extended break. First, like it or not, it was politics and an election that did not go the way I wanted and then just following the news daily since has been a lesson in sadness and stress. I would want to write and even come look at this page, but nothing would happen and I would close it in defeat once again.

My daughter recently came home for a short bit and moved out and took all her stuff. I, of course, was delighted to have her around.  I am also delighted she found a great job and got to move back to where she wanted.  What was once her room, became, or is becoming my office! When she was a senior we did a room makeover and for a number of years, it has been purple.  I knew for a creative room, I would have to change it. I did a bit of research and ended up with a shade of blue. As, of yesterday, it is mostly done.  I have a few walls that need more on them, but I need to find the right things for that.

I am hoping now that I have a place like this, that I will write more-including that ever elusive second book that I need to finish!

So now, back to the topic of my title.  This is truly the spring of my 60th year.  I am amazed at that statement.  I often wonder how I got here.  How did that time go so fast?  Everything seems like it happened ‘yesterday.’ But it didn’t. Not most of it. I think back on my 59 years sometimes and think I have done a lot, but again, feel like I haven’t done enough. There is so much more I want to do, places I would love to go. I hope, even if I never get any of it done, that I feel always, it has been enough. That there has been enough….enough happiness, enough love, enough kindness.  Mostly, that I encouraged enough of it, not even that I received enough of it.

So this year, again, has been pretty stressful so far.  I imagined, when I got this old, that things would somehow be ‘easier’. I wonder now, if that ever really comes, if there ever is a time in your life that you don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t fear.

Soon, I will be a 15 year cancer survivor. Most of you that read here, know that. I have had my check up and this year, it was time for blood work again. I experienced that renewed fear that I used to go through at each checkup, when I worried about numbers and sweated the results.  Luckily, the numbers were great! Sigh of relief! Some days, as I get further away from that diagnosis and treatment, I don’t think of it like I used to. The obvious reminders are there, of course, but you almost get used to that, too.

Spring is the time of renewal. Things are starting to turn green, birds are returning to the feeder, hope is all around! Spring is my favorite time of year and I think a great time to get back at the creative stuff. Not just the writing. Who knows, maybe I will find a sketch book again, or a paintbrush.  Time will tell.