Of mine, of others….I just wanted to give you a reminder, or explain some stuff. I wanted to tell you the why and how about some ‘things’.

We are all older. You me, all of us.  You are young adults now with your own lives. But there is one thing I want you all to understand.  You are now and always will be our children.  When you reached adulthood, the worry, the caring about your life and of course, the love, it never stopped.  Some how, of course, it changed, as it should, but it never stopped.

We chose to bring kids into the world and loved all of what that brought. It was worth all the late nights, the doctor visits, the worry, the tears…all of it. The unconditional love that came with it….that never changes. You have to realize that for many years, you had to count on us parents. We were there for everything, for every time you needed us. You became our whole world. Our mission was to keep you safe, raise you with hopefully good values and prepare you for a life on your own.

That time came much too fast. And even though we were excited for you to start life on your own, the worry about and interest in, your lives never stopped.

We don’t ask you about things in your life to be nosey!  We truly want to know.  I miss the days of you being here and I knew that stuff. I miss the times that mom was ‘all that’ and you couldn’t wait to tell me things, to share.  It seems now when I ask things, you sometimes have little patience and even can ask exasperated that I am once again asking, ‘prying’. But that is just the thing, it isn’t prying at all.  I hope that someday you get the joy of having your own children and you will understand that. Please don’t scold me if I ask once too many times, or help you, or give advice or any of the many things that moms do. Yes, even us moms of adult kids.

We can both miss the times you were young and love the times of having grown up kids.

Just remember, I ask because I love you and I am interested in your life. I always hope you love your mom enough to share about it without getting frustrated that I am once again asking you about it!

I hope that one day, you are not like me and regret that you didn’t take more time to talk to your mom.