If I was a color, I would be beige? What is that supposed to mean? It just popped into my head and I think it has to do with what I had been thinking about all morning.

What comes to your mind when you think of the color beige? Bland? Boring? Forget-able? A color you wouldn’t normally pick? One you don’t often really think about? I think that pretty much covers it.

So, what in the world was I thinking about that would make that come to mind?

I was wondering this morning how many people feel like they are the one that no one misses when they aren’t around.  How many feel they are invisible in a group of people. Are they the one that just doesn’t feel like they fit in, the one that people don’t come and sit by and talk, the one that doesn’t get sought after?

Are they the one that is always sending texts that don’t get answered-inviting people for coffee, or saying hello, asking how someone is? Are they the one that always sends the emails, ‘keeping in touch’, maybe getting an answer or two and then nothing, unless you are the one who sends them again?

Do you make posts, write blogs, share things and never get any reactions, comments, or answers?

Does it make you feel ‘beige’?

I know I often feel this way. Too often. I sometimes think that maybe I should stop trying. When is it the point that you no longer reach out to others that don’t respond?  I remember reading a meme that said something about If they are not answering your texts, it isn’t because they are too busy to respond, it is because they don’t want to. Do you believe that is true? I think it is true for just about anything.

I know it is a busy world and we get busy. But is it so hard to take a minute to reach out? If someone has actually taken the time to think about you and then let you know, by an email, or a text, or a comment, I think that is an amazing thing.

We all have it in our power to make others feel better. Why not do it? If we can do that simply by saying hello, responding to a text or call or email, why don’t we?

I never did like the color beige, btw.  I like colors like these-