That seems to be a common thread to many of my blog posts. It is because I get reminded so often of just that.  Sometimes it feels like I am on a roller coaster and there is nothing to do to stop it.

So, today is somewhat of an ‘anniversary’ for me. I am able to forget this one often, but on Facebook today, I was reminded of it when I looked back at my memories. Fourteen years since I got that call that changed the course of my life….  “I have tough news for you…” We all get those calls for some reason or another, don’t we? We all have our stuff. This one for me, changed my life and the lives of all my family. I thought about my kids and how they were so young at the time. 16, 14, 12 and 10.  Now? 30, 28, 26 and 24!  For the youngest two that means they have known their mom as a cancer survivor longer than they knew me as just ‘mom’.


I am thinking again about people I have lost, after the loss this week of another friend. We had lost touch for too long, but recently visited again, sadly after learning of his diagnosis of ALS. I am forever grateful we got the time we did but my heart does hurt that he is already gone. I am happy he is no longer suffering. I just know in this world, he will be missed. I got to looking at the picture from our wedding night again.


He was one of these guys…and actually the third friend lost from that day, from our life that we knew back then, when we were still new ourselves.  Two are gone from this picture and our best man, also, so long ago.

I think about the small stupid things we fret about in life. I think about how, all of that ‘stuff’, doesn’t really matter.  Why do we waste time bickering, dieting, feuding, worrying? It is all just that-time wasters.  I think about friends who I haven’t talked to in so long, or family members that have gone their own ways. Why? Why hold grudges or not try to contact them again? Just what are we afraid of?  Don’t wait until they are sick. Don’t wait until it is too late. Don’t assume we have all the time in the world. If there is someone you want to say hi to, visit, talk with, anything, DO IT! Sometimes there isn’t tomorrow…. If it is uncomfortable for any reason, SO WHAT?! It just might mean the world to them…and you have no idea how great it would be for you, too.When you do nothing, you are only losing out on precious time, memories and love.