I was thinking about connections this morning as I was driving to have coffee with an old friend.  We were neighbors many years ago when our kids were young.  Actually I was on my second child when we lived there. That was many many moons ago!

I was thinking about the last year.  It had been a year of connections.


I have reconnected with old friends, old classmates.  Say what you will about Facebook. Without it, I would not have had some of these. I think of two of them that I had lost touch with SO long ago-I often wondered what had become of them. Because of Facebook, I found them again. What a great feeling that is!

There have been friends that we knew so long ago. Friends that we hung out with all the time.  As our family grew and people moved, we had lost touch.


This is a picture from the night we got married, believe it or not. Several of these people we had lost touch with it. Some for a long time. Some just for short periods at a time. One, sadly, no longer here. I got to thinking about what it was like to reconnect. It was like all the time in between never happened. Funny how that is with old friends. I have also become aware that sometimes when we let that time get away, we lose some precious memories that were never made. I am reminded that sometimes, it is too late. I do know, after reconnecting with some of these people and other friends, that I have been reminded how precious time is. I mentioned reconnecting with my old neighbor today. She had moved away and was back for a visit and reached out to me. (On Facebook!)  It was like I had just seen her yesterday.  I wondered if we would have anything to talk about.  I should never wonder that! It was easy.

I have reconnected with family. Again coming from losing too many.  So for some I wanted to reconnect with, like my brother, it is too late. I have many regrets for that.  But I have reconnected with his kids and plan to…

Stay connected!

Because that is the thing. You can reconnect with someone and it can be easy to lose touch again. But don’t.

Make the effort. I promise you, it will always be worth it.

Reconnect to family….ones that you don’t know well. Ones that you haven’t seen in awhile. Never turn into the…oh we only see each other at weddings and funerals! Why not get together just to be together?

Start a family reunion. Sometimes they are well attended…


Sometimes, not. I think people forget. Don’t get so comfortable in your world that you forget those connections that mean so much. Family, friends…

To me, they are one and the same, really.