I was recently lucky to be a part of a North Iowa Bloggers hard hat tour of the new Charles City, Iowa Middle School. Our visit included two other ‘tasty’ stops! Thanks to Charles City for your hospitality. As always, all opinions are 100% my own!

If you read my last blog, you got to read all about the new middle school coming to Charles City, Iowa. I promised during that blog that soon I would tell you about our other stops for the day. Today, I am doing just that.

When we first arrived in town, we stopped first at Aromas. Charles City is lucky to have such an incredible coffee shop! This location is a newer, larger location than they previously had in town.

While waiting for the others to arrive, I enjoyed a fresh brewed cup of coffee. If anyone knows me, they know I take my coffee seriously! This place will make even the most serious coffee drinker happy! A great menu of coffees and more!

We got a quick tour of the roasting area in back and got to see the amazing roaster that Aromas uses along with many large bags of beans.  Many of the group did not know that coffee beans are green before they get roasted!  Did you?

We had to quickly make our way to our middle school tour as we were on a schedule, but I made sure to stop back in before we left town so that I could grab a couple of bags of beans to take home. When I saw two of my favorite roasts on the shelf I knew I had to have them-they are hard to find! I know the next time I am in town, and every time, actually, Aromas will be a definite stop for me!

Check out their website where you can even order some beans for yourself! You can also follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

After our tour of the school, it was lunch time.  I was excited as we were going to get to try out the new pizza place in town, Cedar River Pizza Co. Cedar River Pizza just so happens to have opened in the old Aromas location. At this time, it is mostly a take out pizza place but there are future plans to be opening a small dining area in the back. It is located close to the Cedar River so with the weather turning nice, finally, you can grab your pizza and enjoy it there!

We were welcomed and given a small tour of the kitchen and learned how they decided to go for it and open a pizza place and how it has grown already beyond their expectations! It did not surprise me after tasting such a delicious pizza! They make their own dough in house. They grate the cheese there, too! You can see how making these pizzas are a labor of love! They will make whatever you would like, as you can see by the pictures-one of the pizzas is divided in fourths! What better way to make all your eaters happy!

I really like the paper around the pizzas instead of the cardboard boxes that always take up too much space in the garbage! (It also reminds me of long ago when I lived in Charles City and we had Ray’s Pizza!)

Check out Cedar River Pizza Co on their website, on Twitter and on Facebook.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a trip to Charles City for some great coffee and pizza!