This week I had an opportunity to visit a couple places that I lived a very long time ago. My sister and I went on an overnight trip to the town I went to college. We had some time before the show we were attending so we did some driving around.

Let me tell you-things have really changed in all this time. Which is, of course, to be expected. Time has a way of changing people and places. We walked a once busy mall that now had only a handful of stores that remained. Some of the old businesses were still in town, many were not. The beauty school I attended was gone. The University I went to looked the same. (It just seemed much smaller now.) We talked about the people we knew. We actually ran into one while there, too!  Someone I hadn’t seen in at least 30 or more years.  We happened to be in a store and ran into her.  Of all the places you could be at that time, there she was!  My sister reminded me of an apartment I lived in. SHE remembered the street name! She has a better memory than me.  I did remember it was on the corner and we found it easily.  Sadly, it looked the same but older. I thought it could use some fixing up even so long ago!

I wondered as we drove by the college how things might have been different if I had finished. I didn’t have the foresight or the discipline at the time. Oh, if we all only could have the wisdom of age when we were younger.  We don’t understand how fast time flies and how big our regrets might be!

Of course during a trip you have to find a great place to eat and we found The Waffle Stop. It was not there so long ago when I lived there. It was a good place for a delicious breakfast.


As we traveled back home we stopped in our hometown. It isn’t that far from where we live now, but we rarely get back there. When we do, we always drive around and look at houses we remember, places we were. The hardest one to see is my mom’s old house and the state it is in now.  It could be an incredible old house, but now, it hurts my heart to see how run down it is.

We did a lot of talking about people and places. Ones that were still here and ones that were not. We talked about how time goes much too fast.  There was that feeling of nostalgia and sadness lingering in my heart. Sometimes when I remember things, it feels like they happened to someone else. It is an odd feeling.

One place we always stop at is the cemetery. We have a lot of family there. Our mom, dads, and so many other.  It is an old cemetery that sits by the river there. Looking at some of the very old headstones is interesting.  I like to wonder about the people-to marvel that they existed there so long ago. This trip I took a picture of my grandparents headstone. I hadn’t done that before.  I have one of my dads…so plain with just his name and two dates. 1925-1962. That is it. The one of my grandparents is basically the same.  Look at the dates when they were born! Wow!


Even with all the mixed feelings, the mixed emotions, the passing of time, the changes you see, I highly recommend taking a trip like this if you can. Go back to visit the place you came from, visit a place you lived in but haven’t seen for awhile. Even though some of it tugs at your heart, even though some of it makes you sad, I promise, it is worth it.

Just to remember. It is worth it.