Why is that? I wish I had a good answer for that question.  After the tough year that was my 2015, I had vowed to have a good year and to re-focus on my blog.  Look at my history of blogs so far this year, and you can see how that is going.

Or isn’t.

It isn’t that I haven’t wanted to write. Oh, but I have. Every day. I sign in here with all intentions of writing something new. Hoping by looking at it, I might be inspired. The only thing that happened was that I closed the page, went elsewhere, felt defeated, and wondered once more, WHY do I have such a writer’s block this year?

I still don’t know.

Now, if this was a normal blog with something I was writing about, I would have a picture to go with it right now.  So not related to anything, but just because I think it is a neat picture, here is one!


Awesome, isn’t it? It has been typical of this spring. Snow melted, snow came back. Snow melted, snow came back.  This last time, it started as ice. It was hard on a lot of trees, but look at how amazing it can be. I think it is incredible what you can see in nature. Here are a couple more from later. The sun was setting and shining through the ice.  I think I declared WOW out loud. (I often do at the wonder of the sunrises and sunsets out here!) It means also, I have to run and get my phone to take a picture. Or two. Or a bunch!

How lucky I am to be able to just step outside and see such absolute beauty! I wish there was a word that can adequately describe it.  Heavenly? Comes close!

So, writer’s block. Back to that. It is a thing I deal with off and on. I am hoping maybe with the spring and the green getting back and staying, that this year’s block time will be over!

I think I need a trip to write about. You can never go wrong when it comes to traveling and writing about the places you see.  And the food. Yum. The food.  One of the main things that makes traveling fun. It is always great to find new and unusual places.  Of course, you know, those traveling calories don’t count, don’t you?

Are you hungry yet? I think I am now! YUM to every one of those delicious dishes dined on!

So, I think part of the problem I am/was having is that maybe I thought this blog needed a voice or a direction? I think I kept running into what I originally started this one for-that was to just write about life. My middle-age musings! It ended up being just about everything. I was feeling that that wasn’t right. But it has dawned on me, that it IS right. THIS blog, is about my life, and my ramblings about it.

I am working on one or two new blogs that I am excited about. They will have a focused theme. I can’t wait to get them up and running! One, I just need to pick out a name, claim it everywhere and get writing! The problem I am having is settling on a name. I am horrible at that. (Lucky I could name my kids! Ha!) Anyhow, I will keep working on that name until I say THE one out loud that sticks.

Stay tuned! I promise not to stay away too long!