Because it is home!


It is the middle of Winter in the Midwest. Northern Iowa is snowy and cold. Just like every other winter. Or most winters here. We have had some where there was little snow and it was warm enough for many months for motorcycles to remain on the road. But those winters are rare. Although they are welcome by some, the farmers don’t like them. We need that moisture for the crops.

Winters can be long and hard. I don’t like them and I say it often. I imagine that many might get tired of hearing me complain about the winters. I try not to, really I do. But every winter I get to that point where I have had enough. My car is buried, my mailbox is buried.


That is usually the point that I let every one know. Again. I think it must be therapeutic for me to cry and scream and complain about it! I have to let it out somehow. It helps me try to keep my sanity in it all.

When you think you can’t take it one more minute you notice that it can be beautiful. I think that is probably something that is a very good thing. I always marvel at that beauty and I like to grab my camera to capture it!

I don’t like the bitter cold and I really don’t like the ice. I was thinking about winter earlier and I realized that those things are not even what I dislike the most. It is the feeling of no control. I don’t like being at the mercy of the winter weather. I don’t like being snowed in. I dislike that I can’t walk out of the house to go anywhere and do anything at times.

And as anyone that knows me, knows….I like green and warmth.  And more green!

For some reason this year, I am more ready for it than ever.