Like it, or not, winter comes every year. We can hope and pray for no snow, but living in the Midwest, it comes anyhow.


Sure, it can be beautiful, but you get over that pretty fast.

Here are some ideas to help pass the time during those long, cold winter months.

  1. Bake! Nothing makes you feel warmer than baking. It can bring back great memories of childhood, or baking with your kids. There is just something so comforting about it!
  2. Enjoy the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets. There are some incredible ones at this time of year!


  3. Art. If you are so inclined. Maybe just coloring! Either way, it is a great way to spend some time!


  4. Sewing, quilting, crocheting. What a better way to keep warm is there, than making a quilt or afghan during the cold months? Of course, it doesn’t help to get far on an afghan when the cat uses it to cuddle in!


  5. Surround yourself with flowers! They are bound to make you feel better with their colors and beauty!


  6. Travel. As long as the weather allows! Get out of the house and go see the world!


  7. Revisit local eateries. Or visit, for the first time, those that you haven’t been to yet! You just might discover some local treasures!


  8. Read. Winter is a great time to grab a blanket, some coffee and a good book. Catch up on all those books that you have been meaning to read!


  9. Music. Listen to it. Make some. Radio. Records. Cds. Stream it! Music can make anything better!


  10. Last, just keep in mind, Spring is coming!