Thirty years married! I can hardly believe it. Time flies. Seems like yesterday when I was young, single, wondering if I would ever get married, ever have kids. Then I met my husband. In a bar. It was a huge bar with a big dance floor and stage that always had a great band playing. Patchwork was playing when we met! This was in May of 1985.


By the end of the year we were married. We did not have a big wedding. To this day, I cannot imagine ever being in an actual wedding dress and walking down an aisle in front of people. On the last day of the year, we went to the courthouse with my sister and his friend Tommy. My knees shook we when left! After finding our car up on railroad ties and our apartment entry full of toilet paper, we went out to eat and later partied at the local rock bar listening to one of our favorite bands, Artist!


We have been through a lot through the years. Good, bad, wonderful, tough tough times. We had four amazing kids. Both of us went through a major health crisis. We have suffered a lot of loss.There have been lean times, and no so lean times. Through it all, we have loved each other, stood by each other, holding each other up when needed!No matter what we have always been there for each other. Through thick and thin as they say.

We grew from those young kids in their 20s, who happened to find each other one night, through 30 years of ‘stuff’.