Thanksgiving is Thursday and I am sure you are already seeing a lot of posts around or many blogs about being Thankful. You are about to read another one.

Being thankful is an ongoing theme in my life. Every day, I am thankful. I have written off and on about it and it may seem so trivial to say that I am thankful for those every day things…like those gorgeous sunrises..


To me, it is far from trivial. Seeing the sunrise each day and getting to enjoy the beauty of it and how grateful I am, is something I cannot begin to convey.

There is just so much to be thankful for.  I can walk into my new kitchen and I am deeply grateful for it.  For so long it needed to be done and now that it is, it makes me smile to just see it.  Something like a kitchen? Yes, I am grateful.

Yes, I am grateful for all the typical things…my health, my family, time with them and time with friends. I am grateful for art and books and music. I am grateful for my home, the things we have, for warmth on cold days.

This week. I am thinking of the last year. Yes, so much heartache and loss. I am missing them a lot and thinking of their families and this first Thanksgiving without them.  I know how hard it will be and I am hoping that they will also be grateful.

I am thinking of my brother. I often do. Probably every day. I miss him. I wish he was here. I want to hear his soothing voice again, get that big brother hug. I am more than sad he isn’t here. But I am grateful.  I got to be his sister. Was it ideal? Was it easy? No. With family, it rarely is. But my brother, was special. He was loving and kind and had more room in his heart for people, for his friends, and for his family, more than anyone I have ever known! I am grateful for the times we did have those rare conversations about stuff.  I am grateful he came back into my life even though he was taken from it again, forever, too soon. I am thankful for his family that are here. I am grateful I can hug them, tell them I love them.  I hope to think he would kind of like that!  I am grateful for the legacy he has left. I believe it is a great one!


Then there is my friend Tami. I have shared about her before. I can’t really add much more.  She was one of a kind. Truly. One of a kind.  I was blessed to be able to be a small part of her life and have her be a part of mine! She taught grace in the face of so much adversity. She was, no matter what she went through, always, thankful. She let you know how much she appreciated you, how much she loved you.  I am grateful to have had a friend like that in my lifetime. She is missed every day by so very many. She is also one who left a great legacy, a great imprint behind. I am thankful this week for Tami and I hope that I can someday leave with 1/10th the impact she did.


I am grateful for every happy thing that has happened to me-too much to mention. I am grateful for my abilities, my talents, even my over sensitive personality.

I am grateful for every difficult road I traveled, for that helped bring me to where I am today, to who I am today.

I am grateful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving week to all of you….