We all have them-tough times. I have. This last year has been a particularly tough one when it comes to those hard or sad times! Sometimes it feels as if life piles one bad thing after another upon us. We can wonder why. We can wonder if it will ever get better. We cry. We hurt. During the tough times, how do we find the joy again?

Just look around. Joy is everywhere. Sometimes in the most simple of things.

I find joy in every sunrise and sunset that I get the privilege of seeing. I marvel at the beauty every single time.

Nature is one of the best calmer around.  I have often been told to go out into the trees to regroup or recharge.  It works.  Not only the trees, but by the water, mountains, anything nature seems to help. How can you not feel joy when you are looking at the natural beauty our world has?

I think of the people I lost and there is sadness.  I am sorry they are gone-some far too soon. I miss their presence in my life greatly. I could be sad forever thinking, remembering, missing them.  But funny thing is…the remembering makes me happy, too.  I feel joy when I think what a wonderful difference they made in my life just being part of it. I feel joy when I remember the good times-the times we were ‘making memories’. I try not to be sad for too long, it isn’t a place I like to be in.  I have no intentions of unpacking my suitcase in that place!

Travel helps me find my joy. It is wondrous to me to be able to see things I never thought I would. For me, there are far too many of those to mention. I know not everyone can travel and truly, you don’t have to go far to see wonderful things. Sometimes you can find them practically in your back yard!

I find joy in movies.  Ones that make me laugh. Even those that make me cry.

I find joy being with family. There never seems to be enough time to spend with them! Good-byes always come too fast, especially when you are with those that you don’t see very often. Families these days are often scattered around the country. Mine is no different. I find great joy in visiting them. I also find great joy in spending time with the ones still close around me. There is nothing like family.

Even Facebook has been a source of joy for me. I have connected with so many people. Just yesterday I found a long lost friend on there that I had wondered about for years! We got to chat and will continue to do so!

I find joy in every day. I find it in bonfires, flowers, food with friends…..too many things to mention!

I hope you find joy in your day every day!