1. I struggled with hitting the publish button on this one….wanted it to be more than a wordless Wednesday, but then, thought that it didn’t need to be. October is a tough month for me and yesterday about put me over the edge with the #NoBraDay . Seriously. The pink items and ridiculous breast cancer ‘awareness’ garbage that goes around, truly drives me batty! IF you truly want to make a difference….don’t go buy pink stuff, or wear it, or go without a bra! Research and give to an organization that makes a difference…maybe one that gives mammograms to those that can’t otherwise afford it. Give to a family affected by cancer. Just don’t buy into the pink money grab that October has become. Don’t think it is about ‘saving the tatas’…..Remember that there are those of us that have lost those in order to save our lives…and there are those that have lost their lives to this disease. Maybe our ‘awareness’ should be telling our stories and those of the people who no longer can……

    • I’m with you joy. Pink is nice but for some of the is a deeper feeling and some of those feelings need the truth from the heart not a color. But don’t undestand me the people that enjoy pink I thank you. But for some of us it’s not about that.

  2. I agree with you. Spent too much time at Sloan Kettering with loves ones, feeling sick about the standing room only, to feel good about pink or No Bra Day. We all have to do the research and give and do as much as we can to stop cancer already!

  3. I don’t care if people buy pink or go braless, but I agree with you, they must take action for it to be true awareness. It does no good to just wear a pink ribbon, we must be proactive about our breast health, put our money where our mouth is, and reach out to those affected . . . which is really all of us. Thank you for the post! Your photos speak a thousand words!

  4. We can do it all! I’m happy to do my part on the awareness end, but am also extremely grateful to those that were there through my mother’s journey with breast cancer. And ladies, don’t forget about yourselves, a mammogram is a gift you give yourself – and those that love you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! -Veronica

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