The hubby and I just got back from a week long vacation to the beautiful state of Colorado. It has been a tough year around here, so when I saw he had a week long vacation coming up, I suggested going out west to visit family. It was a good choice. No, a perfect one!

We had a busy, fun-filled, adventurous week! We started it with a couple days in a cabin in the mountains. What a peaceful, gorgeous place.  I could have stayed there for a long long time.


We got to take a trip up to Estes Park, which included a delicious breakfast to start the day before we decided to first venture into the beautiful, stunning Rocky Mountain National Park. For $20 per car for a week’s pass, I was wishing we were staying longer so we could return. It was one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been!

A bit of heaven on earth!
Beauty as far as the eye could see!
Finally saw some elk. Saw even more when we went back to town, both at the Stanley Hotel and the Estes Golf Course!
A little bit of snow on top!
The aspens already changing colors. Beautiful!
The clear water let us see these colorful fish.

After time in the park, we went back into town. Our next stop was the famous Stanley Hotel. As luck would have it, a tour started just minutes after we got there. So off we went to explore the hotel….with a guide of course. I would have loved it to be a night tour-maybe next time. We were lucky this time, because no one was in the famous room #217 so we got to go in. The only thing I had happen to me, was when I was trying to take pictures of the staircase and the tunnel-my camera kept turning off!

The majestic-and haunted-Stanley Hotel.
The famous room #217! 

Of course there was a couple stops during the week at Harley Davidson dealerships. I am proud to say my precious three year old great niece, loves motorcycles! Took a small one of her own home after showing us the bigger ones that were “Awesome!” and even told us to “Look at this baby!” I love that age!

I loved hanging out with my family. From doing nothing , to going out to dinner, to a couple nights around the fire.

Best nights ever by the fire. We need to build a pit like this! The only thing missing was my brother!

We had a great vacation that went by much too fast! I loved being around so many of my family. The only drawback about that?  Getting to know them even better makes me miss them even more!

A side note: being out in the mountains and away from normal ‘things’ gives one a lot of thinking time.  I plan on the near future to return this blog to my original intent….which is a lot more writing from the heart! I hope you will continue reading!