I was lucky enough recently to be part of a North Iowa Bloggers trip to Omaha, Nebraska. My thanks to the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau for hosting me! As always, all the views expressed here are 100% mine.

At the end of day 2 we met up with others for Omaha Culinary Tour’s Classic Steakhouse Tour. We met up at our first stop, Cascio’s Steakhouse.

Cascio’s is a 4th generation owned Omaha staple. It started in 1933 as a bar and grill and in 1946 turned into Cascio’s Steakhouse. Steaks are hand cut on site and aged for 21 days. The sauces are house made-and delicious. Nine of their employees have been with them for 30 years! Every day for lunch they have reservations for 30 tables.

This is our ‘taste’ we got at Cascio’s. It would be very hard to top this one!

If you are in Omaha and need a place to hold a party or reception, Cascio’s can more than accommodate you, with 38,000 square feet of space that includes 6 party rooms!

You can learn more about  Cascio’s on their website. Check out their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter !

After finishing our delicious taste of Cascio’s and taking a tour, we boarded a bus-with a great driver and a fun group of people- to our next stop.

The Original Johnny’s Cafe is a 3rd generation owned restaurant that was started in 1922 by the current owners grandfather.  It started out as an eight seat saloon that was located next to the Omaha Stockyards. This restaurant was featured in the film About Schmidt and was featured on episode one of Steak Out with Kix Brooks.

It’s steaks are hand cut on site and they make a variety of from scratch soups and sauces.

Delicious short rib from Johnny’s.

Johnny’s has 26,000 square feet and is open for lunch and dinner. Check out all they have to offer on their website and on their Facebook page.

Our third stop brought us to Piccolo’s. Piccolo’s is another generational owned restaurant in Omaha dating back to a 1922 origin. Prohibition forced it to close as a saloon and open as a grocery store until the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. Omaha’s newest beer garden,Piccolo Pete’s was born, named after a famous novelty song-which we had the pleasure of listening to!

A year later, a crystal ball was hung and live music and dancing ensued.IMG_3296 The ball remains today, although not the original one.(Please don’t ever call it a disco ball!) The music remained until the 1960s when Piccolo’s became a full time restaurant.

Piccolo’s recently acquired a food truck to take their food to their customers on the street. It can be used for many special occasions!

Our taste at Piccolo’s consisted of prime rib with tater tots to dip into the au jus.

Tator tots and steak?!

Check out Piccolo’s on their website, on Twitter, or on their Facebook page.

As if we weren’t getting full enough, we had one more stop on our tour. We headed to Gorat’s-a favorite eating establishment of Warren Buffet. Gorat’s has been in Omaha since 1944, being operated by the new owner for the last three years. It temporarily closed for an update to the restaurant and kitchen. The menu retains the old Italian steakhouse favorites with the addition of new modernized items. Gorat’s was also featured on Steak Out with Kix Brooks.

Our “taste” at Gorat’s consisted of ribeye, onion rings, and bruschetta. Yum.

Check out Gorat’s at their website or on their Facebook page.

I thoroughly enjoyed our Steakhouse tour! I highly recommend one the next time you visit Omaha!  Make sure you come hungry. You certainly won’t leave that way!

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