I was lucky enough recently to be part of a North Iowa Bloggers trip to Omaha, Nebraska. My thanks to the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau for hosting me! As always, all the views expressed here are 100% mine.

Day 2 in Omaha continues with lunch! After a warm morning walking around Lauritzen Gardens we needed to find some food and cold drinks before we continued on with the rest of our busy day. We headed to the Old Market area, looking for something new to us, that we didn’t have back home. We decided to try Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery and we are glad we did! It was delicious!


Rested, hydrated and nourished, off we went to the first of two fabulous museums! Our first stop was The Durham Museum on South 10th Street. I love museums, so I was excited to explore the ones on our agenda.

I loved that The Durham was an old railway station. Stepping into it was like stepping back in time. I loved architecture and the life size statues. If you stood still and imagined, you could almost feel transported back in time. The Union Station had opened in 1931 and at its peak, during WWII,  had over 10,000 passengers pass through it each day!

IMG_1199 IMG_1200 IMG_3263

This is a museum that you can and SHOULD take your kids or grandkids to! They will love the old trains, buses and exhibits and so will you!

My first stop was to the current traveling exhibit, Lost Egypt. No pictures were allowed in this exhibit, but you can check it on on their website. Be sure to watch the video Lost Egypt. The most interesting part of this exhibit to me, was the mummy and her story. It was eery to walk into this dark room and stand next to the mummy.  It was definitely a goose bump moment for me! You can still check out Lost Egypt but hurry, it only runs until September 6th!

I really enjoyed this museum and all of the exhibits it had and the history housed inside its walls!

Check out their website for more information on hours and admission and also check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

As a lifelong art lover I was really excited for our second museum, the Joslyn Art Museum!

The Joslyn is located on the popular Dodge Street. The Joslyn opened in 1931, commissioned by Sarah Joslyn in memory of her husband, George. The museum maintains a collection of art from antiquity to present day.

Upon entering, we each received a map so we could split up and explore on our own. After agreeing upon a meet upon time, off each of us went. My first stop was at a special juried exhibition of local artists from Omaha to Lincoln called ‘art seen’. As with all their special exhibitions, photography was not allowed. I really enjoyed this exhibition, getting to see a wide variety of great art from local artists. Looking at art, I am always inspired to pick up my pencils and paintbrushes again! You can catch ‘art seen’ until October 11th.

When we stopped at the front desk, we were told about the various different galleries, including one that housed an original Rembrandt.  I knew that was one I had to seek out! It took me awhile to find it, but I enjoyed the search, stopping at all the other galleries along the way!

I am one that could spend days in an art museum. There is always so much to see and I love how art reaches out and grabs your senses, how it makes you just FEEL. The glass installations were incredible. I marveled at them, wondering just HOW anyone can do something so amazing, wondered how long it took, what inspired them and just how did they get it all to the museum anyhow?


There are many galleries in the Joslyn, so no matter your taste in art, you will find something that appeals to you.  I particularly loved the 19th Century Impressionism but loved something about each gallery. After all, its art! It fascinates me to look at art done centuries ago and to see how it remains vibrant today.

As I was standing and looking at the art, thinking each piece and about the museum, I realized that art is such a personal subject and I couldn’t possibly put into words how it makes me feel. I highly recommend visiting the museum on your own and plan on spending a lot of time looking at it yourself!

The Rembrandt:


You can learn all about the Joslyn Art Museum on their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter! I highly recommend that you make a trip to Omaha and experience the pieces for yourself and have a peek into the world of these incredible artists!