Decided to jump in on yet another photo challenge.  I love taking photos. I love looking at them.  Think it is time to maybe just start a photo blog?  I think it might be!

This one is the Odd Ball Photo Challenge-those pictures we take that don’t quite fit a category. The ones we still love and must keep!  I think these kind are some of my favorite!

This was when I went to a garage sale and this was sitting outside of it!


The following was from one day I came out of the bathroom and this light was shining through that room, across the hall, onto this door.


This one was obviously shot through a screen.  What I LOVE is how the camera focused on the screen and that everything behind it is just color or blurry!


This last one, I took this morning when I went into my bedroom.  I turned on the light and the closet light and saw this crazy amazing shadow that my standing jewelry box made.  I can’t explain why it appeals me to so, but it does.