Why Do We Always Have To Worry So Much About Weight and Our Appearance?

In the midst of yet another diet, I am wondering WHY?!  Why am I doing this to myself again. WHY at my age, am I worrying so much about my weight? I decided that as long as I eat healthy for the most part, so that I AM healthy, that is what I need to do. And it has to be okay. I have been on some sort of diet off and on for almost 40 years!  FORTY! Four-0! That is a long time. It is too much time wasted on worrying about my weight and how I look.

Tell me, just who decided that being unrealistically thin is THE way to be? How many people are constantly beating themselves up or feeling bad about themselves because they can’t achieve that. Or if they do, they can’t keep that way. I have been thin. Funny, I didn’t feel like I looked it. People actually told me I was too thin. Go figure. But it was too much work to stay that way. Maybe if it is so much work, we aren’t meant to be that thin.

I am tired of young women thinking less of themselves because they don’t fit into that thin category. You know what….SO WHAT?  We have far too many judgmental people in the world and fat shaming is just one of their past times. I don’t get judging another by how they look, at all. Is that what is important about a person? It is just such a shallow thing to worry about. I think someone being kind is much more important than how they look. I dislike seeing creative, kind, intelligent people feel like they don’t matter because their weight is more than people think it should be!

We see models showing beautiful clothes. Super thin models. I want to see normal people showing clothes.  I really would like to see how the clothes look on us regular sized people. (Do NOT get me started on the world’s definition of PLUS-size!!) I can put on something I liked when I saw it in an ad, on a model and feel pretty crappy about myself, sometimes in tears, for how it looks on me. I don’t want clothes, people, or weight to have that power over me any longer. I don’t want anyone else to feel less than.

It shouldn’t matter so much. The women of our world shouldn’t have to spend so much time and money on trying to achieve what is an acceptable weight that others have decided is the best for them!

The other day there was a cupcake food truck in town. I was supposed to be on this new diet, but come on…CUPCAKES!  These are delicious ones. It had been a year since we had been to this truck, so I grabbed my keys and hightailed it to their location. We grabbed a bunch of their delicious cupcakes, brought them home and enjoyed one or two.


I no longer want to shed a tear or see anyone else shed one, because we feel less attractive or overweight or worse, like a failure, because we didn’t stick to the last ‘diet’. I don’t want to feel my worth rests on how I look or how I fit into a pair of pants! I want to believe that it is more important for me to be nice, to make a difference, to be happy.

I will no longer beat myself up because one night out I ordered fries instead of broccoli. I have started eating healthier for the majority of the time. I do feel better and I do have more energy. I also like to eat out with friends and like to enjoy eating a burger or pizza once in awhile. I no longer want to feel the immediate guilt that I have after doing so. Forty years of it is enough!

We are ALL more than a number on a scale or a number on a tag! It is time the world we lived in believed that too!


  1. I agree with 99% of what you’re saying. These are exactly the kinds of things I write about on my blog. I also show pretty pictures. Stop dieting. As a former Certified Personal Trainer and a yoga teacher, I say that. Here’s a link to a post about that: http://lookforthewoman.com/?p=4125.

    As far as looks go, I’ve decided that we care about looks for two fundamental reasons: we have eyes, and we are judgmental. It’s human. But like I said, I agree with 99% of what you are saying. Please check out my blog. I think you may like it. Thanks, 🙂

    • Thanks for the link. I have stopped buying the processed food as much as I can. Stopped buying that ‘diet’ food a long time ago. I figured if it has a long list of ingredients that I have no clue what they are and also has too much added sodium, it is something I do not want! We have started trying as you say..to eat food! Thanks for the comment and the link!!

  2. I was always super thin until I hit my 40’s ( I think–the memory is fading) and then I discovered I liked food, I was not as active as I once was and the pounds have been added on. I am not one to try all the diets but I do know that lately my food choices have not been so great so hopefully once I get out of this crazy stressful moving situation I can concentrate on making some healthy changes. I do understand what you are writing about —so many people are judged by their outward appearance. It is normal human behavior I think but really—the inside is what matters. BTW, those cupcakes look amazing.

    • Isn’t it a shame that it is normal human behavior? Oh, stress is wonderful on our eating habits, isn’t it?! (The cupcakes WERE amazing. ) I have noticed as I have gotten older that it is harder to lose when I am trying!

  3. Even when I was thin, I didn’t know I was thin. I don’t worry about my weight anymore, except for health concerns – and I am doing everything I can to stay fit. I will never be thin and I’m ok with that.

    • That is me too…not knowing I was thin..mostly I think I just didn’t feel it… Decided eating to be healthy is truly number one! I also try to keep moving…whether it is the bike or something else!

  4. Yep! I, too, focus on health and the more I focus on health and being worth my own time and effort, the healthier I become. I haven’t weighed myself in over five years and I don’t let the doctor weigh me either. I tell her, if all my other numbers are excellent, there’s no need to know the number on the scale.

  5. I too have wasted way too much energy on dieting and stressing about my weight. At this stage of life I refuse to diet any longer. I eat healthy and indulge every so often and I won’t feel guilty about it.

  6. Hi Joy! Good for you. Forty years is long enough to worry about weight…especially when we make our miserable about it. Happiness is FAR better in the long run…and those cupcakes look divine! ~Kathy

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