I was recently going through my massive collection of photos that I have in boxes and photo albums and it struck me how we have captured so many moments over so much time. I got lost in memories and was once again struck by the swift passage of time. I looked at pictures of people long gone, of ancestors I never knew. I wondered how it was for them so long ago. I wondered if they imagined us-the generation so far from theirs. My heart ached for long ago when I was a child and everyone I loved was still around, close by. I saw pictures of my children when they were babies, when they were toddlers, as they grew. I again was struck at the fast passage of time.

I am so grateful for pictures. I am grateful that we can capture those moments, those memories, that might otherwise be lost forever. I like that they can make me laugh, make me smile, make me cry, make me happy. I am glad they can capture the incredible beauty of our world-from every day sunrises or sunsets, to oceans, flowers, museums, architecture….the possibilities of what we can capture is endless.

I am thankful for the ability we have now of being able to take a picture always, at any time, with our phones. Gone are the days of having to have film, flashbulbs, even cameras. I so still love 35mm cameras and my digital 95x zoom camera! They take some amazing pictures!

I picked just a few of my pictures I ran across or those that have meaning. We would be here for days if I shared all that I would like to.

There are pictures of people from so long ago….those that we didn’t know, but those that we came from.


You might have met a famous person you didn’t expect to meet.

Meeting Roy Rogers
Meeting Roy Rogers

Maybe even a former president.


I have seen such incredible sunrises and sunsets.

I have traveled to many places I never thought I would see. I have seen many amazing things I never expected to be able to. Every trip, every site, has kept with me always.

There are impressive shots of nature and  places of wonder.

Even shots of what nature can do to you.


You have special times with friends and sometimes you capture a once in a lifetime moment during those times.

Special moments like college graduations…


Sometimes you find pictures that at the moment were just pictures of family, a picture of you and your brother. One that you will come to treasure when you lose him suddenly.


The last one I am sharing with you is one I have had for awhile. I must never have looked at it closely. Yesterday, I was scanning some pictures in and when I got to this one I stopped in my tracks. If you have read my blog before, you know that I lost my dad when I was four. I had written that I yearned for even just one picture of him and me. Just one. I couldn’t imagine. Until yesterday. There, in this picture that I have had for many many years, sitting to my right, at the end of the table, was my dad! I was stunned. I cropped it to include just my dad and I. Here is what might be, today, my favorite picture!


I hope you enjoyed the few captured moments that I have shared with you. I hope you have many wonderful captured moments of your own.