As I was sitting here today, I got to thinking about the time I watched my friend, Shane get inducted into the Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  I thought, I bet not too many people would know, or even guess, that Iowa has a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

The Iowa Rock n Roll Music Association has been preserving Iowa’s rich rock and roll history since 1997. It has a full museum in Okoboji, Iowa full of interesting exhibits and lots of rock and roll memorabilia.


I urge you to go to the Iowa Rock n Roll Music Association’s website to learn more about the museum, the Hall of Fame inductees and more! You can even nominate some for next year!

Iowa Rock n Roll Music Association

The weekend of the induction ceremony is a fun-filled not to be missed time that is held over Labor Day weekend each September.

Make sure if you go, that you take the time to visit Arnold’s Park Amusement park. It is an amazing 125 years old! It has some amazing shops and places to eat also!


You can check out this wonderful park on their website before you make plans to visit!

Arnold’s Park Amusement Park

All of this is set in wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful Okoboji, Iowa. I could have hung around the lake the whole weekend we were there! I know I do need to return.  It is so beautiful with so much to do!


Vacation Okoboji will show you where to stay, what to do, where to eat and just why you should visit!

Now that I have tempted you with the museum, the amusement park and Okoboji, I just want to talk a little bit about the reason we went.

The Iowa Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Induction weekend.  It was a fun, event filled weekend. From a parade, to a classic car show-which I love, as I always love the classic cars


to a wonderful reception for the inductees, the ceremony itself, and then the concert by all of the inductees that was never ending rocking fun! Some of them had not played together in years, yet when they came back together, it was magic, and music.

I was glad we were able to attend the actual Induction ceremony and learn so much about the people from Iowa’s history. I sat in pride, watching when it was my friend, Shane’s turn! It was a much deserved acclaim for him! Later at the concert, where all the inductees played, it was nothing but fun fun and more fun! It was so great seeing those back together that hadn’t played together in years.  Their joy being back on stage together was evident and carried out to the audience.  The talent we saw over and over was top notch. I was leery about how Tommy Roe might be after so many years, but he was amazing and engaging.  I was sorry when it was over!

I highly recommend a weekend to witness such talent and it comes even more highly recommended when you can visit Okoboji and take in all the shops, the great places to eat, the Iowa Rock N Roll museum, Arnold’s Park and the lake itself! I guarantee that you will have such a great time, you will make plans to return!