This week we were given a list and we had to pick four things on it and then list at least four things under each one of the four categories.

Here are my lists:

  • Stuff that makes you laugh
  • Many puns that I call groaners
  • Almost anything when I am too tired
  • Jim Carrey’s old stand up routine.  I remember watching that with my sister and laughing until we cried.
  • Good sitcoms that don’t use old tired jokes
  • Cowboy poems-and only my kids know what that means
  • Movies to cheer you up
  • That Thing You Do
  • Crazy, Stupid Love
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Scrooged
  • Hook
  • Duck Soup
  • Good restaurants to eat at
  • Juniors in NYC
  • The Cafe in Ames, Iowa
  • 3829-0
  • Lorados in Mason City, Iowa
  • Hickory Park in Ames, Iowa
  • Northwestern Steakhouse in Mason City, Iowa
  • Best desserts
  • Tiramisu
  • Limoncello Cake
  • Pumpkin bars-okay just about pumpkin anything!
  • FullSizeRender
  • Various cheesecakes