Remodeling-A Lesson In Patience

If you have read any of my previous recent blogs, you know that we are remodeling our kitchen.  Sitting here this morning, waiting again, for timetables of when our ‘people’ can come and finish what needs to be done, I got to thinking how normally I am a patient person. At least I used to be. I think if I wasn’t, I may have totally ‘lost it’ by now!

Don’t get me wrong, my kitchen has come a long way and I am loving it. I appreciate everyone who has helped and how some have come right away to do just that.


As you can see, we have gotten far enough to get the appliances delivered and installed. Except we can only look at the dishwasher because we don’t have the countertops and sink in. It is so great to cook on a stove again, but then I get to wash all the dishes in the bathroom, still. Our countertops are done and in town. I am waiting to find out still, when they can be put in.  It is a huge test of patience knowing they are so close and yet, I have no idea when we can get them put in.

Last week we were able to do the flooring in the kitchen. I thought for sure we would get it all done until taking off the old subfloor in the dining room revealed some water damaged floor below it. It has to be repaired before we can go forward and finish that.  I am also waiting, not so patiently, today to hear when that could be. Being in limbo is very hard. I am finding not only is this a lesson in patience, but finding that living in a huge room filled with clutter is hard.

It is disconcerting not only to have so much stuff piled around in totes, boxes and in the open, but also to not know where everything is in that mess. I keep thinking ‘soon’.

SOON, I will hear when it will get done, SOON, I will be able to put everything back in place. SOON, I hope, the patience will return and I won’t feel so unsettled in my own home.

Hopefully, soon, I will be back with the before, during and after pictures and I can share a happy ending of this process with you all!


  1. Yes, remodeling is definitely a lesson in patience. We’ve not completely redone 2 houses in the 5 years that T & I have been together and it’s a good thing we’re pretty much done, because each room and each year my patience gets less and less! LOL! I’m also very thankful for have a father who is my contractor and when we’re working on a project comes pretty much every night to my house until it’s done and when his little girl has tears in her eyes because she has no patience left..he busts to get it done! 😉 Hang in there! It will definitely be worth it all!!

  2. well then being a clay fan has prepared you because we ALL know what SOON means! lol to make you feel better, my remodel in my mind was to be done in oh i’d say 3 months but being the patient and reasonable minded person i was i gave it 6mo before the OK IM DONE I NEED THIS DONE NOW! set in! we fell into a habit of 2 steps forward 3 steps back in almost every aspect of the remodel. Although we were doing the remodel on our own, like you, you still have to depend on certain jobs to be done by the professionals and that leaves you vulnerable to ‘their’ time frames! sadly those differ greatly from your own! after 4 mo with no stove/oven and no running water in the kitchen/1/2 bath downstairs i was at wits end. the plaster dust and PINE dust surrounded us in EVERY room, it was killing me NOT to clean it, but it was a waste of time, because that evening we’d just kick up more dust! once we were done making dust i had the daunting task to start cleaning it all, i ended up in the ER I could hardly swallow anymore, allergies to the pine/and evidently plaster , got to me. I NEEDED to take steroids so i could swallow, which led to an eye surgery from taking that drug! ugh. our remodel took a full year! we took a month off and are now finishing up the great room fireplace, which i’ve been informed the cabinets that i want custom built for that wont be done till AUG! soooo more paitience is needed. im still working on unboxing everything in storage and restocking the cabinets which are ‘different’ size and location from what i had before. that is tough! we only hired out for the installation of the counters, and plaster guys and of course the construction of the cabinets. we did the design, demo, preparation and installation of it all! including heated tile floors. I just cant wait till its done! the entire process will have taken probably a year and a half by the time the fireplace is done. we’ll see! hopefully not TWO years! lol

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