I have touched on this time and again, but today I have somehow been inspired to write a blog about just this subject. I know we all have those songs that as soon as we hear them, mean something in our life. They might make us think of situations, or maybe a song is ‘your song’. They might reminder you of places or people.

Then there are the songs that for whatever reason, remind us each time of those passed on.


I have several of those. This is my most recent addition. March 2nd, after the funeral of Amy Hild and before I learned that my brother died that day, this song came on the radio. I had thought it was because I just left that funeral and after I got the call about my brother, I had other ideas.  I hadn’t heard this song for years and now, it plays every so often, including yesterday at a time I really needed to hear it. Even so, if made me cry.

Another one I often hear sometimes is one that came on after my mom died.  I think of her whenever I hear it and maybe when I need to think of her. It often plays at times when I am stressed or sad.  That one is “Yesterday” by the Beatles.

One other one that really gets to me is “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” by Guns N Roses.  My brother in law requested that it be played at his funeral ‘someday’, which came much too soon. It can make me cry and once it gave me much comfort, too.

What songs have meaning to you and why? I would love to hear!