I am celebrating my 29th one today.  I count being pregnant for my first one! I cannot believe I have had the privilege of being a mom all these years!  Seems like my kids should still look like this


Those were fun years!  I loved those times and I love them all grown up!

So I was thinking, today is MY day.  I am going to do nothing at all.

Nothing? Wait!

Okay, so nothing after I already made coffee, started laundry, gave Jamie his breakfast. The rest of the day I will watch what I want! Hear that everyone? I am not going to cook. Okay, kids?  I might read and hang out in my yoga pants. I won’t work on putting stuff away in the cabinets, or finishing the laundry, or anything else!  Or, I will try not to. I think unless someone is going to come and sit on me and not allow it, it probably isn’t going to happen.

But it is MY day. Every day is Mother’s Day to me and all that it brings.  My celebration is my kids. I don’t need presents or a special day or anything. Being a mom was the best choice I ever made!  Although, I know at times, I made mistakes, I always did the best that I could. I tried anyhow! I hope my kids are a little proud, a little happy when they look at me and say, “That’s my mom!”

I can’t let the day go by without remembering some of the best moms that came before me! Happy Mother’s Day to them!