Finally, just over two weeks ago, we started a long, long needed kitchen remodel. It has been put off and put off. Probably due to perceived costs and well, the inconvenience of not having a kitchen. We have found how not to spend a lot and also how to live without one.  BUT-that is for another blog when it is all done!  I hadn’t planned on even writing about it yet, but this is our life and you know what that means.  Something ‘always’ happens!

This time, was no exception!


We rented a large dumpster for the start of this as we knew there would be a lot of the old to toss away. I was loving watching everything go, piece by piece. Thrilled, really as this was needed for oh so long! My son and I were carrying things out to the dumpster that was parked in our driveway. Our driveway that is made of gravel. Can you guess what is coming? As I was carrying out one load, my ankle twisted in the gravel. I am not sure what caused it, but I did find a large bolt that might be the culprit! Doesn’t matter really, because something caused my ankle to twist and me-to fall.

Did you ever find yourself falling and knew there was not one thing you could do to stop it? It is a terrifying feeling to say the least! It seemed like slow motion as I went down.  My knees hit the gravel first. That would have been okay if I could have stopped there, but I couldn’t. I was going down hard! Next i hit the edge of that metal dumpster with the upper part of my right chest area and across my arm.  Did it stop there? Of course not.  My right cheek hit the floor of the dumpster and since I was not wearing my contacts that day, my glasses hit too. Luckily they did not break.  I had visions of glass in my eye or my cheek. (I have given new meaning to the words ‘dumpster diving’! I did it literally!)

I was able to get up.  My son asked me if I was okay. I said “NO! That hurt like hell!”  It did.  But did I let it stop me like I probably should have? Of course not.  There was work to do. I went on and still did what I had to, but I was in pain.  Ibuprofen and ice packs became my best friends!  Sleeping at night was almost impossible. The pressure of laying down on the bed made it worse.  I would yell out in pain and would hardly be able to move when I got up.  I ended up sleeping a couple nights in a chair. Not that I got much sleep!

I forgot to mention one thing.  I happened to have some respiratory thing going on that we picked up the weekend before. So I was coughing. Imagine the increased pain of a muscle injury when you are in the midst of a coughing attack. Yeah, I like to do things especially well!

Work went on thanks to friends and family. I still didn’t slow down.


You would think that what happened to me would be enough? And I would agree. But the husband caught a cough also at the same time and his turned into something very serious. Less than I week after the remodel started he ended up in the hospital with a very serious case of pneumonia. He was their guest for a few days and got to go home to recover some more. He is back to work finally, but it will be awhile before he is 100%. The cabinets came in the other night and luckily we have a great friend who helped pick them up!

Me, I just kept doing what I do. Taking care of him and things…all while hurting and coughing. It was miserable! I did have my limitations though.  Normally, I am the painter around here and I could do very little of it.  Thanks to amazing kids and one of their amazing girlfriends, the painting not only got done, but is the best painting job ever done around here!


The muscles in my chest and arm have almost all healed now. The coughing caused me back pain that was getting better. Yesterday I found out what happens when you are bending over to pick something up and you cough at the same time! Your back goes POP and it hurts even more. No sleep once again. Back to the ibuprofen. It is better unless, you guessed it, I cough. On that pain scale of one to ten it is a TEN plus OMG I WANT TO PUNCH SOMETHING IT HURTS SO MUCH! Luckily the cough is almost gone. I am ready to be back to 100% myself! This has been difficult to put it mildly.

I am looking forward to getting the rest of this done. When it is it will be all worth the mess and the inconvenience and yes, even the pain. I will be back then with pictures and the story of the actual remodel! Stay tuned.

Until then, my fingers are crossed and I am praying for good health for us all. And no more falls.