What type of music relaxes you the most or do you prefer silence?

Definitely prefer music over the silence most times…the ideal thing would be sitting outside in a park with lots of green with music playing…imagine that.  I am right now…and it is blissful! So what type of music? Whatever strikes me at the moment.  I would probably pick classic rock. Too many slow songs that you would think would be relaxing would probably just make me cry!

Show us a two of your favorites photographs?  Explain why they are your favorite.   If you are not a photographer, think of a two favorite scenes in your life and tell us about them.

This will be hard to pick two favorites.  Let’s see what two pictures speak to me today.


I just love everything about this picture. The blue sky, the way the sun is shining, the subject matter!


I had to include one of my sunrises and this is one of my very favorites. I love the clouds and the colors in this one so much!

What is your favorite tradition? (family tradition, church tradition, whatever)

The first one that comes to my mind is putting up the Christmas tree the night of Thanksgiving! Kids and I started that a long time ago and it is something we still look forward to. I love our tree and all of the ornaments that we have collected. Sitting at night with just the tree lights on is one of my favorite things of all!

If you could go back and talk to yourself at age 18 what advice would you give yourself?  Or if you are younger than 25 what words of wisdom would you like to tell yourself at age 50?

Well, all you would have to do is go back to a recent blog and read my advice to my 16-year old self!  It would be the same!


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am grateful to FINALLY have my kitchen remodel a thing that WILL happen and soon!  We got the cabinets and the counter tops ordered and I am excited and nervous.  It is also what I am most looking forward to in the week coming up. I suppose the week coming up will be emptying out everything in the kitchen now and starting prep.  Grateful, excited and nervous!