Finally, Spring is here and the time of renewal has begun!  I do know there is always the possibility of snow still at this time of year, but if it does snow, it will be short-lived. I am hoping our snow days are done, though! As we were driving around town and then home, yesterday, I noticed the grass is turning green! GREEN! I love that color!  Green is breaking through the dull, bland color-less landscape that is left as winter goes on its merry way! GREEN!

The robins are back.


The trees are budding, the breezes are turning warmer as are many of the days. I have hung up the warm coat and even been able to go outside without one at times.

I love Spring.  The season of renewal. My favorite one!  I am glad to leave the gray, cold, sad days of winter behind. I welcome the new again. When everything is turning greener and warmer, it just makes you feel better. It puts you in a good mood. I look forward to days outside, and the feel of the warm sun and those warm breezes.

Of course, I couldn’t talk about the warmer weather and the return of all things that come with it, if I didn’t at least throw in a picture of one of these.