Eats? A coffee shop? Absolutely! My Local Eats adventures takes me today to a popular coffee house.


Cabin Coffee was started in Clear Lake, Iowa, by Brad and Angie Barber. The Clear Lake store opened  on Dec 6, 2002. They now have 12 locations in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Georgia.

Cabin Coffee was recently named the Best Coffee House by the Globe Gazette’s Reader’s Choice vote. It is easy to understand why. They not only have GREAT coffee, but an inviting decor and the friendliest of staff!

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There is nothing like the aroma and flavor of fresh coffee. Not only can you get a great cup in Cabin Coffee, but you can also take it home! They fresh roast their beans in house. If you like a particular roast and you don’t see it bagged and ready for purchase, they will roast it for you while you wait! Beans by request! Talk about personal service!

Beans are never kept more than two weeks past their roast date in order to keep beans fresh for you. There is always a great variety of flavors and roasts on hand!

IMG_2629Did you know the benefits of fresh roasted coffee? Read on!IMG_2658

Local Eats? Yes, I remember! I just had to talk about the coffee before I got to the food!  I imagine when you think of a coffee house/shop you don’t normally think of it as a place to go for breakfast or lunch. Many of them will have ‘goodies’ for breakfast and Cabin Coffee is no exception. Their cinnamon roll was also named ‘The Best’ by the voters in the Globe Gazette’s Reader’s Choice 2015! Order one and you will certainly see why!


In addition to cinnamon rolls, they have coffee cake, scones, muffins and other goodies. All are fresh baked! If sweet isn’t to your liking there are fresh baked bagels and breakfast sandwiches, too! Their #3 is the most popular choice. It is a croissant with egg, American cheese, and bacon.

We stopped for lunch today at he Mason City store and each of us ordered one of their delicious, made to order sandwiches.  I got a #8 which is a turkey, monterey jack cheese, lettuce, tomato (hold mine, please!) on a croissant. My lunch companion had one of the newer additions to the menu, a Turkey Fusion which is a turkey and brown rice patty on a toasted croissant. You can choose different breads too without a problem.  I know that often, a pita will be substituted by my companion for the croissant.  Both of our sandwiches were fresh and delicious!  I will be back again for more of the same!

Sandwiches range from their most popular smoked chicken salad and club to ham and cheese, the turkey ones we had, to BBQ pork, veggie sandwich, and a chicken pita!  All are served which chips, a pickle, and mayo and mustard on the side.  Stay tuned because the menu keeps expanding with the addition of more delicious selections.

Cabin Coffee offers catering with coffee and food on the go! Just call your local Cabin and they can help you out! You just need coffee and are busy at work? Give them a call and they will deliver it to you!

While we were there we got to see the manager helping out a customer who was new to coffee. She helped him with his selection of roast and flavor. He inquired if they had ground coffee for sale. The wonderful employees will be happy to grind it for you if you don’t have one at home! That is what they did for him! Any questions you might have, ask, as they are a friendly, helpful staff! I can’t tell you how many good things I have heard about Cabin Coffee’s employees and manager, whenever I mention them!

You can get your coffee and wonderful eats Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m.

If you don’t have time to drop in, then drive through! They will be just as happy to help you there!


I invite you to drop by Cabin Coffee not only for hot delicious coffee, but a great breakfast or lunch, served by a friendly staff!! You won’t be disappointed.

Find out more about Cabin Coffee at their website