But I will say, “See You Later.”

Good-bye feels too final.

We don’t say it here, in real life when we are apart-good-bye.  We always say, see you later.  We always assume, hope it will be true.

But it is not always the case.

On February 25, just three days ago, our area lost someone young, vibrant, talented, kind, loving.  Think of all the great adjectives you can to describe someone.  Then you will have described Amy Hild.

I knew Amy from belonging to a great group of bloggers that I have mentioned before.  The North Iowa Bloggers has evolved from a few of us to many more caring, kind, wonderful, talented people. I will admit, not knowing Amy as well as most of the others did, but with Amy, that didn’t matter. She was always nice, and always always had a great smile.  I can’t remember anytime she didn’t. She always treated everyone kindly. Always helpful.


On the morning of February 25, Amy attended the North Iowa Media Breakfast Social Club like she usually did. The weather was not ideal and it was getting worse.  She left to go home. But she never made it.  We would soon learn about a horrible six car accident. As we did not hear from her, the fear grew.  I think I knew inside that something horrible had happened long before we heard officially that she lost her life that day on her way home.

I am not sure the reality has really set in. I am not sure it ever does when we lose someone so suddenly, so tragically. I struggle with why a lot.  She was only 27. She was planning a wedding. A future. Now it is gone. I am not sure how to process this to even begin to make it okay. I do not want to hear that she is in a better place. Her place should be here, with her family, her fiance, her dog, her friends….

I have lost many people suddenly , too young, before their time. My mom would disagree about that last part of that statement.  She would always tell me that ‘It was their time.  If they hadn’t died in that way, it would be another.  It was simply ‘their time.’ Do I believe that? Possible.  Does it make it better, easier? No. I have seen too many people struggling with the loss of a loved one when things like this happen. I am not sure it is ever possible to make sense of it.

What I do know, what I am seeing, is the great affect Amy had on so many. There is such an outpouring of love now, I think she would be amazed by that. I wonder if we ever know the imprint that we make on others.  Amy’s imprint is huge. There are many blogs out there now talking about Amy and her impact on each of us.  I will link you to one, where you can read more and scroll down to many more links from others.  I encourage you to spend some time doing just that.

What can we do to honor Amy and those we have lost? Love. Be kind. Live well.

See you later, sweet Amy!  You will never be forgotten!


A Beautiful Spirit