My Day Without Makeup

Seriously! Now quit laughing and read on as to the reason I am writing about this.

If you read my post from a week ago, you know we were snowed in and I mentioned how I wore makeup no matter what. I had said I would probably hit publish and go put it on.  BUT-my daughter was sitting here and challenged me to go the whole day without it and see how it made me feel and then to write about it. I begrudgingly took that challenge and I wasn’t even going to write about it, thinking how silly it sounded.  This morning I was thinking about it again, and all kinds of thoughts were rambling around in my head, so I decided it was time to write about it!

Before I get to that, I promised last week when I knew we would bake to write update as to just what we made. Pretzels, sweet cornbread from scratch and pumpkin pie.


Now that I distracted you with the goodies, back to the subject!

I did make it through the whole day, until the next without putting on any makeup. I threatened to go back and put some on many times.  I kept feeling my face, expecting it to feel soft and clean, but it felt strange to me and actually a little dry.

How did it make me feel? Uncomfortable. A bit ugly. Vulnerable.  Wow. I am thinking how ridiculous it sounds but it is true.  Where do those feelings come from?  They have to have started so long ago.  When you are always the tallest from a young age you tend to already get singled out. Kids can be cruel. I had a nickname I heard so young that I never forgot. Underdog. (I can’t believe I am even sharing that. It makes me feel sad, actually.)  I remember one time just waiting at the junior high to pick up younger siblings, some boys, who I had NO idea were went by and said, “Scofield, you are a horse face.”  (Now I want to cry!) I had/have a sister who was always considered the ‘pretty’ one, always called beautiful.  Hey, I am the nice, sensitive one.  Yeah. That.

So makeup helps.  I do think I have pretty eyes and I like to try to show those off. Maybe it could distract from everything else! Seriously. I do think it has to do a lot with self esteem and a lifetime of the lack of it. Don’t get me wrong.  I am who I am and I kinda like who that is! That wasn’t always the case, though!  I wear makeup to just feel a little better about myself.  To give my otherwise pale complexion some color.

I would love to be one of those people who are comfortable enough or beautiful enough to go without makeup. I sadly, am not! Don’t ask for a picture of me without it to try to argue because you will never get one! Some things a girl has to keep to herself!

How do you feel about going without makeup?  Let me know in the comments!  I am interested in hearing.


  1. I usually don’t leave the house without make-up either. My mom loved her family, but for whatever reason, going out in public looking her best was really important. I felt pressure to always have my hair done nicely and wear make-up. It’s hard to shake, but I’ve found I am more comfortable saying “forget it,” and just going out the way I am more often than I used to.

  2. I don’t ever wear make up probably for the some of the same reasons you do. I would have issues being challenged to wear it for a whole day, not because of the way it feels on my face but because it would make me more aware of it. I did wear it when I was younger and my mom always had some on, she even sold Avon 😉 , so there was no lack of make up in my life. I don’t think of myself as beautiful with or without make up because that’s not something I ever think about. After years and years of being told “you would be beautiful if you lost 5,10,15, or more pounds” and “you have such a pretty face if only you lost a little weight”, I guess I chose not to draw attention to my looks. As you said it’s amazing how and what happens can affect us.

    • Can I be you? 😉 Seriously…I wish sometimes I had a thicker skin….heard plenty of ‘stuff’ through the years…mostly try to let it slide, but there are always those days when it sneaks back in. P.S. You are beautiful!

  3. I LOVE makeup and all things beauty! But 50% of the time I never wear makeup, maybe that is because I work from home and no one will see me, but when I go out for groceries, I don’t wear makeup. I have no one to impress. lol I wear makeup when going out with friends as normally pictures will be taken. Like I said, I LOVE makeup but I’d rather not wear it. 😉

  4. I had one of those days last week when I declared no make up day which is VERY rare. I almost always do the whole deal from moisturizer to foundation to eye shadow and mascara. I don’t do lipstick but rather lip balm so that is never a big deal but I almost always have putting make up on as a daily routine. I think I just see too many people who do not look like they care about how they look and while I don’t think I am particularly vain— I do like to look nice and I think a bit of make up helps me achieve that goal. Great post!

  5. I have been undertaking the do a scary thing a day/week since my 50th birthday and this is certainly on the list. A few years ago I went 2 weeks with no makeup…last week 2 days. It can be scary but it is also liberating as you realize that no one else notices you aren’t wearing it. We are all beautiful and need to stop paying attention to what the world tells us and listen to what the Father says.

    • I try all the time to not listen to what the world tells us and I do good for the most part NOW….just sometimes all those years that have added up come back screaming at me ! I love the idea of doing something scary each day or week!

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