First of all,

Rabbit! Rabbit!

We got through January with some pretty mild weather.  Other than that one blizzard on the 8th! Yesterday, there was, for the most part, no snow on the ground.

Today: The first one is right outside the back door.  I opened the door a couple hours ago and this was there.


This next one is right on the door frame.  I just thought it was kind of amazing what snow and wind can do.


I already know we won’t be going anywhere today. Obviously. I did that winter thing yesterday that so many of us do when a storm is predicted.  I made a grocery store run. I was surprised that there wasn’t very many people there.  It was early in the day yet. Maybe after so many predictions that haven’t come true, they didn’t think this one would hit.  I had a feeling it would.  There is a birthday in the family tomorrow, too.  If I can’t get out still by then, I had to make sure there were all the ingredients for the special cake request! Living out in the country, it sometimes takes us longer to get dug out!

I got to thinking about being snowed in and what I should do or could do differently. I thought about ‘roughing’ it and not taking a shower today.  I couldn’t do it. It just makes me feel better to take one every day, no matter what. Snowed in or not.  So far, I haven’t gone back and done the makeup thing!  I can’t tell you how strange that makes me feel.  I always put some on, even if I know I am not going anywhere.  After doing that for all these years, it feels strange not to.  Anyone want to make bets as to how long it will be before I run and put it on?  (Probably as soon as I hit publish!)

Snowed in, lazy days mean you must bake! It’s a law around here, I think! I believe it must be proven somewhere that it just makes you feel better.

Nothing but Grandma Ritter’s Coffee Cake will do on a snowy Sunday morning!

IMG_2558IMG_2559You know a recipe has been used a lot when you can see through the page to the other side! The coffee cup was my grandma’s. What other one would I use while making her coffee cake?

The finished product. Of course, you first grab a middle piece, while the coffee cake is still hot.  They are the best pieces in the pan. Next you go back to get a second piece. Because, like the old saying-you can’t have just one!


You will have to check in later to see what gets baked the rest of the day!

Speaking of the rest of the day, I am going to try to relax and not do much.  If you know me, that will probably not happen. I might get a little bit of crocheting done on my afghan. Might pick up a book. I have to get turkey chili in the crock pot soon. And of course, there is the Superbowl tonight. I hope the game is better than last year and if not, there are always the commercials!