If you are looking for a unique and delicious local restaurant in Mason City, Iowa, head straight to Lorados. Located on the plaza in downtown, it is easy to find!


Lorados was established in Mason City in 1993 by Rex and Julie Bergo, who still own and run the restaurant today.  Before Lorados, Julie had already established herslef in the restaurant business opening the Hungry Mind and running it for 17 years.

The menu at Lorados is relatively small but it is packed full of flavorful items at great prices.  The most expensive thing you will find, is their special on Fridays that sells for only $10.95. You can find things on the menu, from Chef Salad to Gyros to several Blackened items like Blackened Chicken Breast and Blackened Fish.  Lorados uses Paul Prudhomme Blackened seasoning for true blackening recipes cooked in a cast iron pan.

My lunch companion ordered one of her favorite menu items, the Chicken Avocado sandwich.  Sandwiches normally come with chips, but you can get fries with them if you prefer.


Portion sizes are generous and you always get a good value for your money!

Lorados has a great atmosphere and truly friendly people that always make you feel at home.


There is one menu item that is my ‘go to’ item.  The one item I order every single time I come in to Lorados.  It is the one item that I brag about, that I compare all other sandwiches like it to-the Lorado’s Club.  I have ordered club sandwiches at many places- in town, around Iowa, around the country. I can tell you without a doubt that not one has come close to the one I get at Lorados!  I don’t know if it is the wheatberry bread they use, the abundance of crispy bacon, or just the great way they put it all together. I just know it is delicious every time I order it!


Normally, I am more than full after eating such a great and delicious lunch.  Today I decided that since I was going to write about all the great food here,  I had better include one of their desserts. It would be hard to talk about any of them if I hadn’t tried one.  On the menu I see listed, Fried Ice Cream-“French Vanilla ice cream covered with our special crunch coating and served on a flaky flour tortilla flash fried with whipped cream.”  Yes, please.  It did not disappoint and even had honey drizzled on it.


Food isn’t all that Lorados has to offer. It also is equipped with a beautiful full service bar.


You can not only drop in to Lorados for lunch but you can enjoy some late night music at least once a week, sometimes even 2-3 nights a week.  Enjoy great food, drinks and music all in an inviting atmosphere found in a enjoyable local location!

Normal hours for Lorados are Monday and Tuesday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. and Wednesday-Saturday from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m.

Before we left, I asked our waitress, Laurie what she liked about working in a local restaurant. She said she liked the small town atmosphere and for a mom and pop shop. She had worked out west where people were not as friendly. She said she had worked for Julie 14 years ago and when she got a job working for her again,

“It felt like coming home.”