Winter-I Am Divorcing You Now!


I am over you. Totally completely over you.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think I ever really liked you much! You can be beautiful sure.  But mostly, you cause problems! Plans are often changed because you are so unreliable!  Dangerous?  Yeah, you are that too!  You keep my family from me at times and keep me from doing things I want to!

Seriously, as we are sitting here in a blizzard that suddenly came upon us, I can’t help but wonder why we continue to put up with this. This weather right now, is downright scary.  It came up so fast.  I can’t see past the tree right outside my window. I can’t imagine how it must be for those on the highway.  I pray everyone makes it to somewhere okay.  The visibility right now must be zero.  I should take another picture but just imagine a big white square and that is what it would look like right now.

I don’t like the confinement of winter storms. I think that is one of the reasons I dislike the most.  I don’t like the feeling of being stuck. You are unable to go anywhere safely.  I am already counting the days until spring. Anyone who lives in a place where there is winter, knows that can be a long long way off.  I get very tired of seeing white.  I love and need to see green!

I want to go outside and feel that warm air again.  I want to be able to just go.  Anywhere. Safely.


Until then, I can only look at these pictures of spring and summer and yearn for those days.

Sorry, winter.  Like I said, you are out.  I am in love with Spring! Until it comes home to me again, I will just go and dream of it!

All of you experiencing this weather, hang in there! This too shall pass!


  1. Don’t be upset with me but I really like winter.. it gives me time to regroup, rest up, cocoon. But snow… no, not so much. Only the kind of snow that is all a flurry and pretty and then melts the next day. The kind of snow that gives me permission to curl up on the couch and watch old movies, listen to the oldies, or read with no guilt. Dangerous issue, I agree with you. Weather of any extreme makes me anxious. You had some weather to be anxious about! Good Morning!

    • Not at all! I always said I can live with the cold….even if I don’t like it, BUT it is the issue of the dangerous weather I don’t like. Yesterday’s turned very extreme and dangerous very fast! Sun is shining today. Still too cold-the below zero kind, but we hang in there!! 🙂

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