My husband’s aunt died yesterday. This morning we were talking and we realized that she was the last one. She is the end of all the aunts and uncles on the Brown side of the family. He lost his father when he was growing up, so I never got the honor of meeting him.  I think I would have liked him!


Slowly, over the years, we lost them all. Aunts, uncles, his mom. We count even the ones who were aunts and uncles by marriage, relatives just in the same way those by blood are. We love and cherish them just the same.

Now, the stories, the memories, are all gone with them.  Of course, we have heard some stories, have memories of our own. One of his aunts did some genealogy and shared some with us, including some great memories she wrote down for us all.  Things like that are priceless.  It makes me wonder why we don’t all do that?  For at some point, each generation is gone along with the personal stories that they can tell us. I wonder what stories we have lost that we never heard about, that we never asked about.

My dad’s side have all been gone for a long time now, so I now what that is like to be the oldest generation.  Losing him so young and not getting to know his brother or sister until later and getting so little time with them, I know I missed out on hearing about a lot of history.  I wish the one time I got to hear my uncle tell us some stories, that I had recorded it.  So much time later, it is hard to remember.  I am thankful that there are still some around who remember my dad and can tell me a little bit.

It is always hard to lose a loved one. As we get older it happens much too often. It seems we lose some personal history when the last of a generation is gone. I hope you share your stories with your kids and your grandkids.  I hope you ask the older ones still around to tell you their stories. Don’t put it off.  You might sadly, wake up one day to realize it is too late.