As I sat here earlier thinking about the new year and all the possibilities, I started to think about my goals (NOT resolutions!) for the year.  Some of them I have carried over from many years and some I have thought about for a little while.  When I was thinking about it all the thought, or question, popped into my head.


Good question!  I am thinking probably the same things that always have. Most, if not all, are ridiculous, really, but still relevant to me.

Sometimes, I think just starting something can be overwhelming. You tend to look at the big picture or too far ahead. I am sure if I broke it down to smaller goals, it would be less daunting. I truly believe we can keep the big goals in our minds and still work towards them in steps!  I know I need to keep reminding myself.

It can be something as everyday as de-cluttering! That is a big goal around here!  We live in a house probably smaller than we should, and ‘stuff’ sometimes can take over.  Having a basement can be a good thing-unless you use that to hide away more ‘stuff’! I have to stop walking down there, looking around and becoming overwhelmed! One room at a time. One part of that room at a time!

More than that, I am thinking about things that are more creative!  Like art.


I love it, I always have. With things like art, you tend to be your own worse critic.

There is always someone more talented. Sometimes even in your own family.  Why can’t we be happy with what we do?  I wonder why we don’t believe in our talents more!

Then, there is writing! I have to figure this one out!  I have always loved to write.  I have poems and stories that go back…way back…to high school!  When I went to college, the courses I did the best at and liked the most had to do with writing. Why didn’t I pursue it?  I never felt good enough to actually do it for a living. I still feel that way often.  But is that why I write? No. I do it because I love it.  If I can move one person with something I write, that is a bonus-a blessing really.  It is humbling when you can touch people with your words.  I wrote a book, as you know. It was a look inside, somewhat of a journal.  I have another one I want to write.  I have thought many times that maybe I wouldn’t. But when you keep thinking about it, and can’t forget about it, I think it is something that is meant to be done. It is similar to the first one, in that it is another part of our story.  I often wonder why anyone would want to read it, what is it that would make it special, or different to make it worth reading? I can’t worry about that, but write it the best I can and for the reason, I just want to tell the story.

What about blogging?  I started on another blog a long time ago as a way to keep writing, to share my thoughts.  I transitioned to this one and have one more planned. Again, I always wonder where to take this, where do I want to go with this? I always feel there are so many better writers out there. So many with huge reader bases. Those actually making a living at it. I have to ask myself why am I doing this?  What is my motivation.  And if I want more?  What is holding me back?

I hope whatever your goals are for 2015 and beyond that you achieve them!  I hope that nothing is holding you back!  Life is meant to be lived and I truly believe we get back what we put into it!

I got a two word message a few days ago.  I keep repeating it in my head and I plan on doing just this..2015 is my year to