No, I haven’t lost my mind!  Have you not heard anyone speak those words on the first day of the month?  I hadn’t until probably the last year or so. After hearing it on many first days, I figured it had something to do with good luck.  I was right.  It seems, if you look it up, it is an old English tradition. Some believe it has to do with rabbits being good luck (remember carrying a rabbit’s foot?). Some believe it has to do with jumping into the future and moving ahead with life and happiness. Both sound like a good thing!  So.

Rabbit! Rabbit!

Obviously, it is not only the first day of the month, but the first day of the year. So I had to brave the cold for a moment and take a picture just as the sun started to rise. First sunrise of the year.  As I sit here looking out the deck doors, I am thinking maybe I should run and take another one-that is just how much more beautiful it is at this moment!

Here is the picture from the sun starting to rise.


I was thinking this morning about a New’s Year Day about 15 years ago.  Remember all of the craziness surrounding the changing of the calendar to 2000? To think, that fifteen years have gone by since then. Sometimes, I truly wish time wouldn’t pass so quickly.

I will say one final good-bye to 2014.  As things go, it was a year with happiness, fun, sadness, celebration and unexpected events!  From my husband having a stroke at 50 to our youngest graduating from college, to some great rides on the Harley with friends to the loss of a beloved aunt. It is always something. But then, life is meant to be lived not just walked through!

I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy,amazing 2015!  Make it all you can dream it to be! Life is short, as we all know!  I challenge you to do one thing even this year that you have always wanted to-no excuses!

Happy New Year to all!