Another year is almost over and it seems the time we all get reflective on the year past and look forward to the new year to come. I decided to write today as I have been sitting a bit nostalgic anyhow.  Today is the 7th year ‘anniversary’ of the day I lost my mom. I miss her always.


Funny, how when we are young, we think our parents, our moms for sure, will always be with us, will always be there for us.  Then one day, they are not. That day is the day the world becomes a little different. My world changed that day I had to look at it through parentless eyes. I know I am older, getting older, but somewhere inside, I think I will always feel like that young child that remembers and needs her mom.

So 2014. It was an interesting year as always.  Loss. Gain. Not just people either. This year we did lose someone very special.  Aunt Alice-another wonderful person that with her absence makes the world a bit more sad, a little bit darker. Of course, there are so many celebrities that we like, that entertain us, that we lose through each year.  Sometimes it is strange to think of all of those people that I grew up enjoying, no longer in this world.

Our YOUNGEST one graduated college!  I am still trying to wrap my mind around that one!  It truly came upon us so fast!

I ended this year in a space I didn’t expect.  I started out quite involved in our local HOG group, loving every bit about it, expecting it to continue. But due to unforeseen circumstances, that is no longer the case.  While for the most part I am okay with it, some days it can still sting and hurt. I will miss what it was. But I am thankful to continue on, still riding and hanging with many of the friends we have made through it.  We are making plans for next summer already and I cannot wait!


Sometimes life changes in ways you don’t expect, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You just have to move on and make the best of things. Maybe things will end up even better than before!

In 4 days, it will be our 29th anniversary.  I cannot believe it has been 29 years since these young ones did this.


We haven’t changed a bit!  I sit and think about all the living that has gone on in the last 29 years. Wow. There has been a lot of it.  Some good. Some wonderful. A lot of almost normal. (I never say normal-my son once reminded me that normal was just a setting on our dryer!) Some of it not so good. Some of it pretty bad. All of it a great adventure.

2015. It is almost here.  Do you make resolutions?  I never have. I never do.  I feel resolutions are just asking to be broken once they are made.  So if I make one or more, I am just sure that I am asking for failure. Instead, I will set goals.  Or maybe think of things I need to work on, or change.

Mostly, I am going to work on being healthy, being nicer, not stressing so much. I am going to remind myself to find the joy in each day, for there is always something good in every day.  Sometimes we just have to look harder to find it. Sometimes it is easy. I think if I can do this stuff, everything else will fall in to place.

I wish for all that 2015 will be the best year yet!