Some Thoughts As Another Christmas Nears

Is it really only 11 days until Christmas?!  How is it possible?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were waiting for winter to be over.  Wasn’t it just yesterday we were watching the Fourth of July parade? Didn’t school just start again for everyone?  I am always amazed at how time flies. I wish many days that it would just slow down, even a little bit!

So what is on my mind this ‘Christmas is approaching too fast’ morning?

Family…of course.  But I will get to that.

First. White Christmas.  Not the movie or the song.  But WHY does everyone INSIST of having a white Christmas?!  I for one, am glad for NO snow on Christmas! Not right before, not during, not right after!  I want to ask everyone who says that, WHY do you think we need a white Christmas?  Does it really make it more of a Christmas?  Is that what it is really about?  For me, Christmas is about family. Living in the midwest at this time of year, snow at Christmas often means missing being with family at this time!  Last year, because of snow, some of my family could not make it here.  I missed them.  I certainly didn’t think, oh that is okay, we are having a white Christmas! I mean, hey, I live in Iowa…we get snow far too much for it to be special on Christmas day. At least for me.  I would rather have my family here every single time!


I miss these days….the Santa was a rock star days!  I loved loved loved when the kids would get up very early and be SO excited to see what ‘Santa’ brought! I loved getting it all ready the night before and getting up early to get in on all the reactions and the joy of it.  When the kids were this young, of course, there was a LOT more family here!  It is at this time of year that we not only miss all of those gone, but it is hard when we remember losing my mom at Christmas time, then my mother in law the next year at Christmas time.  Sometimes you have to remind yourself to be happy, to remember the good times when they were here! It is such a emotional contrast in my heart at times during Christmas.


Our lighted tree always always makes me smile.  I love to sit at night with all the lights other than the tree off. I don’t think you can be sad about anything when you sit and look at a lighted tree! I am always sad when Christmas is over and it has to come down!

One of my very favorite ornaments is the one and only one I have from my childhood.


It makes me think of my mom every time I look at it. One of the most amazing things about this ornament-I posted on Facebook once about it and told that it was one of my mom’s and all I had. One of my friends on there, couldn’t believe it…she posted HER ornament from HER mom…It was IDENTICAL!  I got chills.  This friend, I have told you about in the past. She was the one who was also a cancer survivor.  The one I met in California. The one who hugged me so tight!  I still to this day, marvel at the ‘coincidence’.

At this time of year, I hope you have happy times, happy memories.  I hope you spend it with someone you love.

I wish you all the best at not only this time of year, but each and every day!


  1. Beautifully written, Joy. I sat and looked at my lighted tree last night and remembered all those same early mornings with wide eyed, yelling kids racing down the hall! So quiet nowadays…..but the tree holds old ornaments and memories and that makes me smile. I miss the snow living down south now; snow on Christmas was important as there were always new sleds or skates or boots to try out! Thank you for putting into words what I’ve been feeling this time of year.

    • Thanks! I do love all the special ornaments…there is one from one of my son’s teachers that he got in elementary school….although he is 26 now we still put it on…she was a great teacher and sadly passed away many years ago!!

  2. Hi Joy! It sounds like you have some amazing memories of wonderful Christmas and yours helped me remember some of my own. Of course the one with no snow is really easy for me because I live in the desert southwest where there is hardly EVER snow. We usually have lovely 75 degree weather and a nice hike with friends Christmas morning. Merry Christmas to you and your family and may this year help you create even more good memories! ~Kathy

  3. Oh yes, I often miss those Santa days….but my kids are 24 and 27, and just this year they decided they didn’t want Santa to come (mostly because they are both engaged now). LOL, they have always loved Santa!

  4. Love your blog here, Joy! I, too, love the time spent with just the lights from the tree. It’s a perfect time to think about the year gone by. Last night, I heard this song by our shared favorite singer. It’s my wish to you and your family this year.

    This Christmas season I wish you joy
    The wonder in every girl and boy
    I wish you gladness, the warmth and cheer
    Of good friends and family gathered near

    May children’s laughter in falling snow
    Rekindle those sweet scenes from long ago
    May every carol, each candle bright
    Remind you why angels sang that night

    If trouble finds you, this is my prayer
    May peace come into your hearts and make you strong
    And I wish you love, the kind to last all year long

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