What?  Halloween you say? But it is Thanksgiving this week!  Why Halloween now?

Simple answer is, I was putting away old photos and ran across one that I thought maybe had disappeared. Maybe, it was wishful thinking. But no. There is was once again-tormenting me, laughing at me, like it was all just yesterday.

I have never liked Halloween. Ever.  Some people love it. Love to get dressed up. I never did.  I was always just glad when it was over.  I do believe it all goes back to my childhood and what this picture will show you.  It is the costume, I had to wear. Not just one year, either.  I remember having to endure it for more than one!

Here is the picture…can you pick me out?


Let’s look at the girl costumes.  The gypsy?  Not me.  The witch? Not me. So what is left?  The boys.  We have a pirate-my older brother. Skeleton and saber tooth tiger-also brothers.  That leaves the one in the middle of the back.  Just what IS that costume?

Guesses?  Obviously it is a Fred Flintstone mask. The rest? It is Howdy Doody. Yup. You read it right.  I had to wear a Howdy Doody costume with a Fred Flintstone mask.  And if you think that a young girl never forgets how humiliating that feels, you would be right.  Some times, I can remember it like yesterday. As crazy as it may seem to some, it is one of those things that obviously affected me a lot and not in a good way.  Funny how some things always stay with us.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all!